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End to End testing with HP ALM 11.52 and SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP07 – Process View

This document explains the end to end process of Test Management Option 2 in SAP Solution Manager, valid to 7.1 SP07.I have covered the process of exchange of business processes, business requirements, test assets and test results between SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and HP Quality Center 11,52.  The type of test run I used is Manual run in the HP QC side; if we chose to automate the run then HP Quick Test Professional (now called HP UFT)  can be used.

About HP Quality Center 11 as a part of HP ALM 11

The HP ALM platform provides the foundation for new versions of HP Quality Center and HP Performance Center, enabling application teams to manage the testing activities across the lifecycle, including monitoring the project status life cycle.


Source : SAP

SOLAR02 Business Requirement Transfer Process

The Business Blueprint Configuration (SOLAR02) is the single window for transferring the Blueprint from SAP side to Testing tool at the HP side. During the Blueprinting process of a project, the Business Scenarios and Processes are defined and all the possible variants for standard scenarios are identified.  Once the configuration of a Business Process by Functional Consultants , including the Development, if any are done; the Blueprint can now be synced with the Testing tool for complete scenario testing. Business Process Document in a Documentation tab should be updated with the complete Process Flow. This plays a crucial role since the Tester working with HPQC might not be SAP Expert. So this document would be the basis for any reference during the testing process.  We would take example of a Business Process “Procurement without QM”  under Procurement scenario  for our demo.


The Business Process document for this Process is maintained under Gen. Documentation tab in SOLAR02.  This document comes along with the Business Process Structure when you define a business process from a Business Process Repository. Gen. Documentation tab is non editable, and only the standard documents provided by SAP as a reference would be available here. If you are configuring company specific (also known as Variant Business Process by functional folks)  business processes, then Business Process Document should be maintained under Proj. Documentation tab manually.


Transfer to QC Tab

In the Transfer to QC Tab, two entities are maintained.

1. Business Requirement Document

Business Requirement Document, as mentioned above would be the *only* source of information for Testers to understand what the Business Process is all about. This document should provide information on “How” the Business Processes runs end to end and how to test the transactions involved in the business process. This document should also mention the expected results from the test run.The document maintained either Gen Document or Proj. Document would serve as a Requirement Document usually.



2. Test Object

Test Objects are Transaction Codes, Reports, Configurations or any relevant Developments which are part of your end to end Business Process. With the help of all the Test Objects you should be able to run your end to end Business Process. Hence select all the txn codes or reports involved in the business process here.



The sample tab would look like below;


Transferring the Blueprint data to HP ALM Tool

The Blueprint along with Test Objects and Test Requirements are transferred to HP Quality Center via the Dropdown “Send Data to Quality Center” option on the left corner of SOLAR02 screen.



Testing in HP Quality Center  11


In Requirements module, the process of translating the business requirements came from SAP Solution Manager into test requirements  is done.To View the transferred Business Blueprint from Solution manager , proceed as below;

1. On the ALM sidebar, under Requirements, select Requirements.
2. Choose View > Requirements Tree to display requirements in a tree



You can use the requirements as a basis for defining your test plan tree in the Test Plan module. You can use the Convert to Tests wizard to assist you when designing your test plan tree. The wizard enables you to convert selected requirements or all requirements in the requirements tree to subjects or tests in the test plan tree. On the Business Process node, Right Click and select the option Convert to Test option


Select the second option, Convert lowest child requirements to tests, to convert the selected requirement to a subject folder, and its sub requirements to tests.


After you determine your testing goal, you build a test plan tree, which hierarchically divides your application into testing units, or subjects. For  each subject in the test plan tree, you define tests that contain steps. For each test step, you specify the actions to be performed on your application and the expected




After you define a test set, select tests for inclusion in the test set. ALM adds instances of the selected tests to the test set. Each instance contains a defined test configuration.



When you run a test manually, you follow the test steps and perform operations on your application. Then, you compare the expected results with the actual outcome and record the results. You can execute a manual test as many times as needed. The results are stored separately for each run. If you use QTP/UFT as automation tool then this step is taken care by the QTP tool. You only have to click on the Run button and QTP agent will take care of running the entire test script.



Transfer the Result Back to SAP Solution Manager

The test results are transferred back to SOLAR02 to update the Blueprint with the testing information.


Test Results in SAP Solution Manager

There are two ways of displaying the test results in Solution Manager

1. Attribute option in SOLAR02

In the Transfer to QC tab in SOLAR02, the test results are displayed against each line item individually.


2. SOLAR_EVAL txn code

The entire view of test results are displayed in SOLAR_EVAL txn code as below


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      Nikhilesh Agarwal


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      Lluis Salvador Suarez

      Thanks for sharing Vivek ¡



      Author's profile photo Devendra Bhoir
      Devendra Bhoir

      Hi Vivek,

      Nice document. Never got opportunity to work with HP QC, wish to do so in future.

      Could you please suggest any certification for SAP testing availble in India?

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

      Best Regards,

      Devendra B.

      Author's profile photo Vivek Hegde
      Vivek Hegde
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Devendra,

      Thanks !

      E2E220 is the course that covers complete Test Management in SAP Solution Manager ( but this is just a training. There is no certification exam available in India for Test Management module.



      Author's profile photo Devendra Bhoir
      Devendra Bhoir

      Hello Vivek,

      Thank you for you reply.

      This course is looking really helpful, but sadly it's not available in India.

      Best Regards,

      Devendra B.

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      Younus Ahmed Khan

      Thanks Vivek,

      When we convert the requirement to tests in HP ALM as per one of the step you explained in the document. It creates a test plan in test plan module. For example; I updated the solman blueprint requirement with additional steps / test objects assigned & send to HP ALM, I want to include the new requirements to the same test plan by convert tests but it is not allowing to update however i have to create new test plan. Is there any way we can update the existing test plan with new requirement. please suggest


      Author's profile photo Satish Talikota
      Satish Talikota

      Hello Vivek,

      Is there a checklist which can be used to implement ALM - Solman integration and configuration for example to implement Global Templates Regression Execution in a separate Solman Project.

      Also want to use it for effort estimation purpose and for Roles & Responsibilities.


      Satish Talikota

      Author's profile photo MANJUNATHA L

      Nice Vivek.

      Thanks for sharing.

      In my case I just need to update the test results from ALM to SAP SOLMAN.

      Could you please share some configuration documents (Both SOLMAN side and HP ALM side)  to achieve this integration??



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      Former Member

      Helpful Article. Thanks Vivek.