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Configuring SAP SMTP service

SAP ECC permits sending and receiving of messages, including email. NetWeaver ABAP comes with everything needed to set up the configuration. What is needed is an external email infrastructure to have a usable mail configuration in SAP that allows for sending and receiving email:

  • External SMTP server. Acts as a SMTP server between SAP and the receiver. This is the email server used to send emails. This can be the official SMTP server of the corporation or any other valid one, like Yahoo.
  • Route for incoming emails. As the MX DNS entry for a domain normally points to the SMTP server mentioned above, the SAP SMTP server won’t receive emails automatically. A forwarding rule between the SMTP server and the SAP SMTP server needs to be configured.


Configuration of SMTP in SAP



SAP Note: 455140

SAP Help

The steps are pretty simple. All are to be executed in the SAP system. I used the NPL Gateway Demo system for this.

1. Open the port for SMTP

Transaction: RZ10

In case this was not done before, import the profiles


Select the right profile (here: instance profile) and the Extended maintenance option.


To receive emails on an SMTP port, ICM needs to be configured to

    1. Open the port and to
    2. Use protocol SMTP

Add an entry for SMTP in the instance profile. Here, the port used is 25000.


Save changes to instance profile.


Then save and activate the changes.


Warning message informs that a ICM restart is needed to activate the changes.


Looking in the profile file on the server:


ICM profile file is changed, change is persisted in the file but ICM does not pick up the new configuration automatically. A restart of ICM is needed.

Transaction: SMICM


The Restart option didn’t work for me, a hard exit with a start activated the change. But I am not Basis person.


Confirm the restart of ICM.


Check the SMTP service details. They have to match the new configuration.


Verifying the ICM parameters using SAP MMC.


2. Create system user for receiving emails

Transaction: SU01


Make sure the users in the SAP system have an email address configured.


Here I am using

With this configuration, email send to the SAP SMTP server will be picked up and delivered into the user’s inbox.

3. Configure SMTP service

Transaction: SICF


Check that the virtual SMTP server is configured


The logon data has to be configured to use the above created SMTPUSER


Handler list


Save the changes and activate the service.


Configure the SMTP server and outbound and inbound flow

  1. SMTP server

Transaction: SCOT

Set the default domain


This domain matches the email domain of the users.

  1. Outbound

View: Nodes view

Set the outgoing SMTP server


Note: This is the SMTP server the SAP system will use to actually send the emails. Emails get send to this SMTP server and from there they are being send to the actual recipient. That is, the server defined has the responsibility to lookup the MX entry of the receiving domain.

Set the address type this node does accept


Note: In the address area, insert the valid format of email addresses. When you insert * the node will accept every email address. To make this node only accept email addresses for a specific user, put <username>@domain.tld


Result in node view


Now the node is configured to accept outgoing emails. What is missing is a job that picks up the emails from the outgoing queue and sends them. Create a job that will send the queued messages

View: Job view



Select SAP&CONNECTALL or SAP&CONNECTINT for sending internet email


To run the job immediately, select “Start immediately”. To schedule a job so it is executed at a defined interval, select “Schedule”


To schedule





  1. Inbound

As long as the virtual SMTP server is activated and the system user has the right permission AND a user with the correct email address exists, inbound processing of emails will work.

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    • Wow, thanks. That's not what I expected to hear.


      I am sure that I have seen better and greater articles on SCN and there was one where the SMTP configuration was also explained (believe it was part of a greater PI related article?). Just didn't want to refer to other peoples documentation in my next blogs. I am starting to take over SAP's "not invented here" syndrom

      • one of the best articles

        For sure there are and that's why I mentioned the above part in my first reply.

        What matters is the quality of the article and the uniqueness from the others.

        The first picture in yours really made the difference.




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    • Hi Tobias Hofmann


      That's a real great article!! It might also help to set up E-Mails in CRM Interaction Center. We  often get incidents for CRM-IC-EMS but the real root cause is related to setting up SAP SMTP service which is the basis for our CRM IC Pull E-Mail - next time I will propose your article .


      Best Regards,


  • Hi Tobias,


    Thanks for the comprehensive document.

    I am trying to test the same for my system but have been struggling with it for the past few days.I have configured exactly as mentioned in this doc but still not able to receive mail on my outlook mail id.

    What could be the problem?




  • Hi Tobias,


    Thank you for the detailed information. According to your information, I performed all the steps but I don't receive any scheduled emails to my Outlook Inbox.


    Any ideas, please?


    Best regards,


    • Hi Srinu

      Have you checked if you have email / outlook integration with your SAP, if not enable and integrate outlook with your SAP System and then check your SOST.


      have a check if the email smtp port is open for access.




  • Wow. This document has over 22k views, 31 rates, 82 people bookmarked it and 62 likes. I hope this document helped a lot of people to understand better SMTP configuration in SAP ECC / ICF. I published it in 2013 and still people are rating and liking it.

    Just sharing a screenshot of my reputation page:


  • Hi Expert,


    I want to configure only send mail from SAP.

    I do not want to receive any mail in SAP system.


    Here I have read many documents, but could not success.

    Please help me to do the same.

    Some details about our setup and landscape.


    Mail Service Provider: Google

    SMTP Port No.: 465 or 587

    Mail Server:

    Our Domain:

    SAP DEV Instance: 00


    What changes required in profile parameters?

    Any one configure from Google server to there company mail?


    Please do the needful.




  • Hello Tobias, This document is really help full.


    I have done the set up using this as base material.


    Was very help full.




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  • Hi,


    I have a requirement to implement this in our system. So i did was configure this in DEV. How can I transport this in QAS and PRD. To be specific is with logon data in SICF how can I transport it? When I tried changing it in QAS, the system says it is non modifiable.





  • Hello, I was brought to this page from a Search on using authenticated SMTP from SAP.


    I'm a little unclear on how to authenticate to our in-house SMTP Server..


    We currently have this working to our in-house SMTP Server with No authentication required, but there is talk about switching to authenticated SMTP.


    Can you help?




  • Hi Tobias,


    Good day, got a question on the part below:


    • External SMTP server. Acts as a SMTP server between SAP and the receiver. This is the email server used to send emails. This can be the official SMTP server of the corporation or any other valid one, like Yahoo.


    what if our SAP doesnt have ability for inbound email, would there be other way to implement offline approval?




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        • It is possible to bind ICM to lower ports, like 25. If you want your ECC system to a low port is up to you. I'd not do it, only if I really have to. You should be able to configure your SMTP server to route emails to ICM on a custom port (like 25000).

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  • HI Tobais,


    Nice document.


    I have one question.


    Ex. user is having in the MS-Exchange while configuring in SAP System for receiving the email do we need to create different email address for this user for receiving .?


    Do we need to do any additional configuration in Mail Server to receive the same e-mail in SAP SMTP incoming e-mail server ..?


    Please clarify

  • Dear Tobias


    Our systems some times faileed to connect to the SMTP sever while sending outtgoing mails. That time the server fails to send the mails to the recipient and error message 816 appears shwoing red emails. Can there be a system of picking all these failed emails entries to retry to send say after 30 mins again and it should be automatic.



  • In a SAP sandbox we want to deactivate the outbound mail - to avoid sending "sandbox-data" to our customers - but we want to activate the inbound mail.


    Is that possible ?

  • Hi Tobias!

    This is a great document and really helps.

    Have a different scenario where the main thing is to receive mails in SAP from an Office365/Exchange Online account.

    Scenario is: SAP should connect to Office365 and receive all emails sent to a particular email address.

    Can’t put this to work..

    So, my question..Is this feasible? Does anyone already configured this? How to?…

    Thank you and Kind Regards,




      maybe this is the answer:

      2446448 - Accessing shared E-Mail boxes in from SAP Contact Center

      icm/server_port_0 = PROT=HTTP,PORT=80$$,TIMEOUT=600,PROCTIMEOUT=600
      icm/server_port_1 = PROT=SMTP,PORT=25000,TIMEOUT=120,PROCTIMEOUT=120,TLS=2
      icm/HTTPS/client_sni_enabled TRUE
      Profile D saved and activated

      Restart icm (SMICM-Administration-ICM-Hard Shutdown-Global)
      ID 2

      STRUST para añadir los certificados interim y root de digicert x.509 desde la URL de arriba (DigiCertBaltimore Root y Microsoft IT TLS CA 2) ad to ACL
      SSL client SSL Client (Anonymous)
      SSL client SSL Client (Standard)

      description xxxxxx
      Use TLS if possible
      Check Internet * PDF HTM TXT TXT

      insertar un usuario de email Settings Authentication (SMTP AUTH) user Name y Password

    • Hi joao,

      have you got any solution for this issue , i am having same issue and my SMTP services are running fine at SAP end , my Tests as per note 607108 - Problem analysis when sending or receiving e-mails are successful; but still i a not able to receive any emails sent from outlook to SAP Inbox.

      I am sure there is something to be done from outlook end as well to create the routing of emails from outlook to corresponding SAP server, but i am not sure exactly what.



  • Hello Tobias,


    Is it also possible to make the outbox “Event Driven” instead of a scheduled job every 5 minutes.

    As soon as there is mail to be sent, the job should run.

    Please provide detailed config, if possible.





  • Hello Tobias,


    Great article, I have followed the steps, however I am running into an issue where I am able to send outbound emails without issue, but no inbound email is showing, unless I send to another user in SAP, or test using telnet.


    My Email server is exchange 2019 on prem.  Do you know if there are addional steps that need to be taken ?