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Blog It Forward- Moshira Ismail

I was blogged forwarded by ‘ MoazzaM ‘  many thanks to him for introducing such a great idea as Blog It Forward Community Challenge to help people knowing each other and to create a fun environment with all members

My name is Moshira Ismail ,I am from Egypt – Cairo ( the crowded capital ), I got graduated  from faculty of computers and information in 2008 in , once i finished my college i worked as a web developer just for 2 weeks , all of sudden i got an opportunity to join as a junior SAP MM consultant with senior consultants from SAP to implement SAP to Egypt National post organization

At first i knew nothing about SAP and what i will be doing or even it what is ERP 😀 , all what i know about that job that i will get introduced a lot to clients and help them to solve there problems using SAP which sounds very interesting to me as i love dealing with people rather than just sitting over my laptop all day along 😀

That was the start of my career in SAP , after completing this project i joined another project and its roll-out  as an SD consultant in FMCG industry at which i found even more interesting than MM module with all the daily transactions and the interesting business issues .

2012 was my year of luck , i moved to a new company joining a building materials project  as a senior SD consultant ( happy to end it successfully,YAY )   and also i got engaged to my best friend ever .

Also 2013 i consider it one of my best years ever , I got married this year in March ( as we say in Egypt here ,I am still a bride as long it has not yet been a year 😀 )  ,Moreover i got certified in SD finally which made me amazingly happy 🙂


I spent my honeymoon here in Egypt in Hurgada which is really magnificent, you can do snorkelling and see the most amazing fishes ever and diving is sooo good ,tourists comes from all over the world just to the see the most rare fish species in Hurgada ,swim with dolphins  even you can go the desert for a safari and Bedouin show and lunch in the desert

Hurgada from plane :


Hurgada snorkelling and diving spots  :


Dolphins 😎



Amazing sea world that i saw while diving ( also i intend to get a certification in diving soon 🙂 )


Diving in Hurghada 2.jpg

hurghada (1).jpg

Oriental shows in the hotel


Questions I was asked:

What do you do in your free time? If you get any 😛

Well after getting married i rarely have any 😐 , but every weekend i love to go swimming or bicycling 😀 , and in weekdays if i have any free time i love to make cakes 😀

Name some persons who inspired you here in SCN.

‘ MoazzaM ‘  who encouraged me to blog  , * Ammarah *  who i found in every topic trying to help other people and also G Lakshmipathi  who have a great knowledge in SD and love to learn from him

Tell us anything you have done stupid in your childhood 😀

I used to eat all my mum’s lipstick and face powder , no proper explanation for this till now 😀 😀

Blogging it forward

I want to see the blogs from following persons.


* Ammarah *

G Lakshmipathi

Ahmed S. Hashem

Karuna Ravuri

My questions  would be :

What is your personal life dream?

Share a fun fact/story about yourself that people don’t know 😀

Which 5 things do you absolutely want to achieve in life?

Recommend resources of information that helped you in your work

Thanks a lot for your time , hope that you have enjoyed my blog

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  • Hi Moshira,

    First of all many Congratulations for getting married  and for Certification. 🙂

    Very nicely written Blog and pictures are Awesome. 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

    Best of Luck. 🙂



  • You are so quick 😯

    It took me months to write a blog and you did it in few hours 😯 and it doesn't looks like you have done this in few hours. Nicely described yourself and your homeland. I love beach but unfortunately I got only one chance to go to beach and that was at night time 🙁

    Diving is interesting activity and I am alwayss afraid of it what what if a whale shark comes there and eat all of little fishes and . . . . .  🙁 I know they are in some specific areas but under the water there is no Foreign ministry offices and embassies to issue a Visa and custom guys to check entry and exit of whales in other areas 😀 so be careful while diving.

    You ate all lipsticks and face powders 😯 What explanation could be of this act 😀 these are silly acts which most of the kids do. My niece used to used sticks of match box and because of her we left bringing match box and started using a stove lighter.

    Thanks for sharing the blog that quickly and adding my name in the list 🙂


    • i always get my assingments done quickly , once mentioned i started to write immediatly 😀

      About beach and swimming it is like the most thing i love beside food 😀 , but swimming at night is something i think i will never do , it is really scary , more scary than diving .

      To be able for diving you must not be afraid of the water ,the thing is while you are swimming deeper under water and you see the light fades , most proparly will get a panic attack ( without mentioning your fear from whales yet 😀 ) as you starts thinking .. OH GOD .. what if the oxygen i hold finishes 😯 oh i can't breath any more .. 😯 if you can get over those stuff you will dive easily , worth to mention that there is no whales at all in Egypt only fishes ,  you must dive with a prof. diver at first as there is dangerous small fishes out there .. but it really worth all the fear and the effort to get immersed in the sea world

      still my mum wants an explanation why i only choose her expensive lipsticks to eat 😀 i always tell her i don't know , i was silly , but she insists that i was choosing her fav. ones on purpose 😀

      Thanks again for your mention and wishes to you all the best always my first friend on SCN 😀

      • I always get excited when I see programms on national geographic about sea diving. There is no beach in Lahore and its far away from here and I had no chance to try this. I know how to swim and I did it in my child hood in canals and now in pools. May be if I get chance to travel then I will think about it 🙂

        You ate her expensive lipsticks and now this is the time to pay back by respecting her taking care of her in her old age. Always love your mom and other family members.


        • Inshallah one day you will do it , you know i thought that i will never go diving although we have a lot of beaches here in Egypt but i never tried that why i was very excited when i went diving 😀

          Also i am always afraid of heights and i tried the para-ceiling (a parashout connected to high speed boat ) but that is life you must risk a little to get fun 😀

          Everytime my mom remembers the lipstick thing , i bring her a cake and she forgets all about it 😀

    • Well Moazzam you should really visit beaches.

      Take a holiday from your work schedule and go on a trip

      It feels refreshing after going to the beach and the sunset looks great

      Never ever thought of diving into the sea -  don't know swimming 🙁

      My favorite Discovery series is Man vs Wild -  love to go on tracking in the jungle(feel it lot safer than diving into the sea)

      Also River Monsters is my new favorite from Animal Planet - got to know about a lot of big fishes - like Nile Perch which can be up to 6 feets big



      • You are right Vivek about beach but you know what! I know how to swim 😉

        I will go for a trip when my friends will be with me and currently they are busy in projects. I also watch those programs on national geographic and animal plant but never bothered about the names of programs. I just see the objects 😀

        If you feel secure in jungle then you should go on a safari trip to Kenya and take me with you as well as I also want to see the wild things there 🙂


        • Oh Safari trip to Kenya , how i didn't include this on my list 😀 .. i went hiking once in the largest mountain here in Egypt " Saint Catherina" and stayed in the dessert ( terrifying experience !) but it was also amazing but i think i will never do it again 😀 .. diving is way easier than that 🙂

  • Hi Moshira,

    First of all welcome to BIF family. I am glad you joined BIF challenge so quickly.

    You have written a beautiful blog with all amazing pix.

    Many congratulations for getting married. I wish you a healthy and happy life.



    • Thanks a lot Jitendra ,

      i am thankfull for the BIF community which helped all of us know a little bit about each other far from technical topics only

      wish you all the best in your life and work 🙂

  • At the outset, may the Almighty shower his blessings for a Long and Happy Married Life.

    Also my hearty congratulations in clearing SAP Certification.  In order to enrich your knowledge further, keep contributing to "QUALITY" threads so that you can assess yourself as to where you stand and how much exposure you got in SAP.  Why I specifically said quality in inverted quotes is because, many new members get excited when they enter into SCN and start giving suggestions to many basic queries.  All the Very Best in your SAP career.

    • Dear Mr Lakshmipathi ,

      Thanks a lot for your nice wishes , i always learn from your  replies in a lot of topics they are really beneficial to me . And you are right about quality of answers thats what we all must do if i am sure of my answers thats only when i can reply as the community is to help not to confuse the requester for help more .

      Thanks a lot for your advices , i ill keep them in mind always  🙂

  • Hi Moshira Ismail Congratulations on getting married and I Wish you Happy married Life 🙂

    Glad to know about you. the pictures are awesome. Me too enjoyed the scuba diving in Maldives when i was there for one of our roll outs. Its an Amazing experience 🙂

    All the Best 🙂



    • Oh the Maldvies is amazing , i wish i could visit it one day i am sure that scube diving is awesome there 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your wishes Ramakrishna 🙂

  • Hi Moshira,

    Nice Blog and Congratulations on your wedding 🙂 . Beautiful underwater pictures... I liked them very much and hope to see underwater reefs myself. So far I have only been to underwater aquariums. So you found cosmetics very tasty as a child. Do you still eat them up? 😆 . I see you mentioned me in BIF chain..will write something about myself soon... 😳

    • Hi Karuna ,

      Thanks a lot for your nice wishes , hope you can do diving soon you will find it amazing to be immersed into sea world by yourself , hopes that you are not afraid from whales like Moazzam 😀 . For the lipstick i now get flavoured ones so i can wear it and taste it too 😀

      waiting for your personal blog Karuna, have a nice day 🙂

  • Hey Moshira,

    Am so happy to see you here on SCN.

    I have really enjoyed working with you in PFS and i hope to work with you again.

    Congratulations for getting certified. 🙂

    I hope to see you soon 😉 .

    • Ahmeeed 😀

      Its my pleasure to see you here too in the SCN community

      You know , I said to you before  that you are one of the few really ambitious persons i have ever met

      Keep it up and congrats to you too for your certification 😉

      hope we can work together again inshallah

      have a wonderful day 🙂

      • Moshira, i like your blog and the way you've presented it is worthwhile infact found it lively and factual. O yes, thanks for tagging me up. Lemme tell you that not everyone finds expressing their feelings with that much ease and i'm one of them. I've always been reluctant to this particular challenge of introducing myself to others however will try my best to write a blog over my Bio. Thanks and ve a wonderful weekend ahead 🙂

  • Hi Moshira,

    I am also very much interested in swimming and I won many school swimming competition. Thanks for sharing about you and your experience.

    Very nice photographs attached. Full of blue colors and my favorite too. 😘

    Thanks for sharing nice blog! Keep up the good work!

    Keep rocking and sharing new things.


    Hari Suseelan

  • Hi ya bride 🙂 mabrooooooouk

    it is nice to know about you here , congrats on your marriage and best wishes for your future with the lucky man 😉 . Enjoy every moment of your love life. 🙂

    Best Regards