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News and Notes on SAP Document Management

Hi all,

If you are wondering where all the information from former  has gone. Please don’t worry I just put it at Important Notes DMS – Product Lifecycle Management – SCN Wiki. I would like to ask everyone, who is reading this or used some of the notes already to provide me feedback. You can also post if you want to read additional information related to SAP DMS.

Best regards and see you in the WIKI

Christoph Hopf

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  • we have Easy DMS, have started using the workoffline functionality for tendering and project management purposes, however, the windows explorer keeps crashing and also the system if too many files goes to "Not Responding", any ideas on how to fix it?

    • Hi Vanessa,

      please put this issue as a disucssion post, because this blog is just to provide information about the latest notes or new released corrections for DMS.

      Best regards,

  • Hi Chris,

    Good to find all the information and updates on one single page!

    Thanks for this effort! Also I am planning to submit my suggestion for the DMS customer influence section. Do you know if it covers the CDESK section too?



  • Hi Christoph,

    we have installed the latest ECL viewer and maybe a simple question around printing - SAP has managed in OSS Note 577948 to be able to display pages saved as single page TIFF eg.

    data1      image/tiff

    data2      image/tiff

    data3      image/tiff


    However if we try to download or to print, just the first page gets saved or printed.

    Is there a possibility to have this functionality in place like the display?



    • Hi Jürgen,

      as already replied to Vanessa above, please put such questions in the discussion area of the DMS space and not a comment to this document.

      However as far as I know the ECL Viewer can only handle the currently displayed file and if you are using single-page TIF files then only the displayed page can be printed or downloaded.

      Best regards,

  • SAP document management helps in managing your confidential data in structured format. Similarly your massive data can be organized into a prescribed form with the help of DMS software that will be easier to search as well as exploit. You can find DMS, BPM, Workflow software from many software companies but one thing that possesses same importance after purchasing is customer support. It is because from installation to exercise you will need proper support of the provider. I know a company who serves best quality software along with customer support that is inceptico. I have utilized them now it’s your turn.

    • Hi Judith,

      the ECL Viewer is a 3rd party application developed by Siemens PLM. So corrections can only be shipped by new patches and therefore it is always recommended to install the latest version and patch level that is published on the SAP Service Marketplace.

      Best regards,


      • Hi Christoph,

        We are in the process of controlling print ECL Viewer.

        While selecting print option in viewer tab, we can able to control by some enhancements.

        But while using CTRL+P, we couldn't achieve the same.

        Kindly help us in this regards.


        • Hi Arivu,

          as already replied to Vanessa and Jürgen above, please put such questions in the discussion area of the DMS space and not a comment to this document.

          As far as I know the logic for the shortcut is different and I'm not sure if the enhancements will work for this action.

          Best regards,

  • Hello Christoph Hopf,

    We are having trouble with DMS actions like "charectaristics mandatory field checks" in CV01N/2N.

    The problem is present on "classification" button and "additional data" tab, it behaves differently on both.

    We tried BADI_DOCUMENT_MAIN01-before_save, trying to get the AUSP internal table from buffer to get the current charectaristics, but its seems the badi doesn't refresh and keeps the old values.
    We tried summing up the submitted charectarictics from VALUE CHANGE BADI but when i delete a charectarictic the badi was not fired...

    We saw that on an internal table named BILD the charectarictics are saved online. From "additional data" tab, after a mandatory field error message all newly added fields are deleted! And from "classification" button BILD only holds 10 charectarictic rows so you can't check all the mandatory fields...

    Do you know what is the last solution for this problem? I saw it is a known problem even as far as 2009.