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Blogging- sharing your thoughts… it all sounds nice but is it really?

It seems that sharing your thoughts about certain subjects isn’t satisfactional for some people.

Sharing thoughts about security related subjects need to fullfill certain qualities (that can nowhere be found). Can’t we all just share are thoughts via blogging (subject related off course) and make real technical and detailed descriptions via the documents? I always thought this is the way SCN was set up in first place?

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    • Tnx MoazzaM,

      I did create a new blog last week but it was removed by the administrator without a specification why it was removed. Only a reference to the SCN policies and, according to me, the blog was set up according policy rules.

      I always enjoy reading blogs and I want to contribute my part on keeping SCN alive and active and fun, but it seems that not everybody shares this same thoughts?

      O well, I will just give it another try and see what happens, thanks for your positive comment!


      • If moderators remove your blogpost without any valid reason then you can post the query in About SCN forum. No moderator can remove any blog without any reason. Keep contributing.