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Getting Familiar with the Dual Axis Chart in SAP Lumira

I am using sample data called “Super Stores Sales”.  The data source is in an Excel spreadsheet.

I will create a dual axis (combination chart) in SAP BusinessObjects Lumira that shows Profile and Sales on the axes.


Figure 1:

I will enrich the data and select Enrich All.  I remove Order ID and Row ID from the enrichment proposals as they are not really measures, but because they are numbers they are detected as possible measures.

As the data contains almost 17K in rows, I decide to filter on United States.


Figure 2

Now on to the Visualization tab and select “Combined Column Line Chart With 2 Y-Axes”



Figure 3

Figure 3 above shows both sales and profit on the Y Axes, and month as the X-Axis.

I filter by 2012 by simply double clicking on 2012.

6doubleclickon2012whyis profit higher than sales.png

Figure 4

Why is profit (which I assume to be sales mines costs) higher than sales in the months of November and December as Figure 4 shows?

Could it be a timing issue?


Figure 5

Figure 5 shows I double click on December which drills down by day.   Then you can see that Day 7 has higher profit than sales.


Figure 6

As Figure 6 shows I can “drill up” by Month.

Then I am back to Figure 4.

I see the value of dual axis charts with this type of data. 

See this Dual Axis Line Charts for when this will be available for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

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