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SAP Global Submit Run SAP and Enterprise Support Meeting 2013 2/2

Hello forum, as request trough twiter from Raquel Pereira da CunhaTammy Powlas , Tom Cenens and other that i don’t know SNC user i create a sumarry of may experience in the “Subtitle Runs Here and Here and Here and Here and Here Global Run SAP Partner Summit” of 2013.


You can found some words about my first day on that post, the next days i can’t wrote anything on SCN forum.

First day:–sap-enterprise-support-summit-co-located-solman-runsap13

Agenda Remember for first day:

Next days:


A part of the session about code optimization with HANA the other sessions that i assist have been completely related to ITSM and how to use the options available within this environment on IT service management with ITIM tool integration and change management ,showing how ITSM works as known by most but giving small touches of new features and options that appear in the next FP2 (SP10), ITSM focuses primarily on aspects of ITIL service management where gradually can see how this tool increasingly well prepared to cover these services. After a welcome reception where a tour guide showed us the charming Heidelberg the next day at the Rhein Neckar Arena Brühling Anja welcomed all parents and ushered Marc Thier Michael Rieder and showing some of the features and most important benefits of being part of SAP Enterprise Support and Run SAP Partner, showed little-known concepts such as SAP Run Centrel control Operation and Control Center Innovation SAP which are recommendations on how to establish a control center and operations to ensure the provision services to clients with warrant of success, the difference is in control operations and the other to develop improvements, once running these 2 types control centers allows customers or suppliers work together with SAP with Central control Center and ensure SAP implementation through the Control Center.

In explaining of the process of certification of Run SAP Partner is possible to see how new accesses appear (at least for me) where you can see information specific to this exclusive Partner certification through the following link http://service. / run-sap-partner, actually the link does not work but it is very possible that not wirte it well (anyone know the correct?). actually there is plenty of information in this certification on the link /runpAP but I imagine that the this is more focused on SAP partners, other details about RunSAP already known to all who have gone through this process.

Finally came the IS Value Maps, for my unknown until the moment where through guided processes similar to TQC’s, CQC’s, etc … you can follow a few steps to the execution of different processes defined by SAP where the objective is to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and risk reduction in the analysis performed through the Value Maps, the presentation showed a screenshot of the collaboration platform JAM (currently in beta testing and will be available from mid October, a few days ago i found some news about that ) , also with sample the definition of a Value Maps, that are done on 4 steps, 1.-Introduction to the session, 2.-Compliance, 3-4.-configuration and execution where effectively shows how you can perform these processes led for example which was shown in the presentation “Sap iS valuemap for Data Volume Management (DVM)”.

ITIL, AIM, ERP for IT, Change Management and HANA

In the few sessions that I attended , the purpose was ITIL , ITSM , IT-IM , Change Management and service delivery scenarios , the rest were less interesting but for me not as important to the projects I am currently involved , BPO , test management , user experience , dashboards , etc … (my collage that attended have get information about that sessions).

The part that caught my attention is to see how SAP strives to gradually adapt Solution Manager as management tool for IT service for  ITIL to cover different services , which are becoming more fashionable or what is the same, each once companies devote more resources to follow these best practices in process management in IT departments , from management to integrating AIM, ITIL, change management and supervision complete technical and business process (etc etc … ) . With that (BPO+TechMonit.) we have is the option to use this tool as a complete management system for IT , which called SAP ERP for IT , which with the help of an interface is possible to obtain metrics that help us  to calculate how much cost each assess , the work done in the department, how much does a password reset , how much it costs to launch a new service, etc … it is not new in SAP but this time it gives a wider scope to the CMDB with IT Infrastructure software Management that Realtech developed for SAP (i can’t try it :_( ) and functions that have to integrate it with solution manager, for me not really integrated with BPO when relationships between ITSM services against each CI infrastructure, perfect for technical monitoring but need to be improved for BPO as service management.

Finally, the onset of HANA ( as happen all SAP events, no document or event not to talk about SAP HANA ), from how best to focus a project, advantages, benefits , blah blah blah . I was able to attend a couple of sessions that explained the emergence of new tools to make the source code before or after a migration to HANA where my main focus was on how we could use these tools from the solution manager to run on systems managed, someone from SAP tell us that this could be possible on a future SP but are not developed jet.

News from ITIL, AIM, ERP for IT, ITSM, Change Management and HANA

A lot of news, and a huge information from solution manager, most of presentations are related to Solution Manager but i only take attention on that news improves that i just don’t know and with my own criteria, trying to resume as much as possible to avoid a huge post i unly put some words about each one:


– i think (i don’t found it on SP8) on SP10 that is a option to change the layout view fron tab voew to linear view as now we know trough customizing crmwebclient tools.

– There will be possible to create groups for add difference options to classify ITSM reports (iviews), allowing the creation ow own criteria taking in consideration different filed like, priority, assignment, category, status., etc… (now SP10 s not possible to save the sort order for columns).

– A new option to create mail forms for notifications, “Mail Forms” will be avairable on SP10 for replace the old ones Smartforms.

– You will be able to create satisfaction surveys after message confirmation, that’s great feature for end user experience.

– Not new for most of you but i can se how it’s possible to add new frames to ITSM incident layout (CRMwebUI): test management , Business process, BP definition, service issues and 3rd party frames.

– You are able to create custom template on BW reporting, that’s great if you like BW reporting i think that BO option is better than that.

– New condition for status schema determination procedures.

– It’s possible to see the integration of ERMS for process the reception of mails and create incidents from the information of that mails.

– New option inside ITSM “SOLMANPRO” business role, “Service Catalog” -> for manage service porfolio and service catalog as need for ITIL 😉

– Will be avairable “Service Order Process” and you will not need aditional license for use it.

– New widgets to display information about “my Mesages” layout.

– Substitutes management will be improved,

– Improvements on task management for test management scenario within service request management trough guided steps wizards, i take nout about ( GPA_ADMIN ) but i don’t have idea about what is this 😉 i will search and update the post.

– Now there is a new concep inside solution manager, “Single Point of contact”, each incident will have a single contact person to allow don’t lose the log history of the processing while changing processors.

Change Management

About change management that has a huge integration within ITSM the will be some improvements to cover more functionality and new features:

– HANA, SAP Mobile and BO will be integrated full with CTS+

– I can see the GSS/TQC/CQC “Transport Execution analysis” focus on change management but that option is only allowed for customers that has Enterprise Support and is inside “SAP Engagement Service and delivery” work center.

– There is a new anonymous (:_(), discover CCTS to allow you to create collections of transport object, that work within CTS+ and CHARM; and is from where you can create collections of transport orders from diferent systems and diferente systems types for manage transports, you can sync trnasports, create collections and clusters, create new transport routes inside your own clusters.

– Tobias Hawk speak about DGP (Downgrade Protection)

– and we get a confirmation about that is not possible to use Quality Gate Management on 2 systems landscapes

ITIM and ITSM with Solution manager

On that presentation we see how ITIM is integrated inside ITSM layouts, there is a new element named “IT object” (new on solman but not new on CRM), that are used to load data from ITIM, that information in all linked between each element, is integrated in the search tools of ITSM and connected to ITIM tool, you can jump from solution manager to ITIM in any direction and how all that information are available from reporting tools inside ITSM with BW reporting, solution manager reporting, BO reporting, etc…

HANA within Solution Manager

You can use on SAP basis 7.40 SP2 planed for 7.21 stack, new tools to improve your custom code if you need to migrate to HANA:

– ABAP test cockpick

– SQL monitor

That tools allow you to identify how is possible to improve your custom code, how many customer code are not in use, un what changes are must important; you can thinks as i did that this it’s no really relevant from a solution Manager view but think if that you can use that tools from solution manager for managed systems as a service 😉 that integration will be available on the future ans form people from SAP answers my question the time effort to make an analysis like this is more o less between 2 o 3 months, and you have to think that doing that you get better performance for HANA data access not or machine performance then, now starting on SP10 you will be able to see that information on end-to-end solution manager tools inside change management workcenter.

you can see more information about that tools trough that links (pdf and sap tutors):

You can request a EGI for that new tools if you need.

(I have more information about that point but need to prepare it)


(I have more information about that point but need to prepare it)


We can see a full customizing option to create own reports with business Rol “ANALYTICSPRO“, i can’t test it jestbut if you use that BR you can acces to a own work-center to create, manage and define your own reports for users, groups o cross-system.

(I have more information about that point but need to prepare it)

About usage right ans licensing options

About that we can talk around month, but check that:

– If you need to use ICC ( Interaction Control Center ) on CRM stack inside Solution Manager you need a externar license for use IT, if you use ICC on a CRM in your landscape, then you can use that license to use it inside solution manager beside CRM.

– ITIM require a external license for use it, an another one for test IT :_(.

– You need a BO license if you would like to customize solman dashboards.


You will need and external license if you need to user ITIM, it’s really hard get information and price about that tools, you have to request to your SAP account management and ask for that sap materials numbers:

7011693 SAP IT Infrastructure Management (Prerequisitos =7011695+7015576)
7011694 SAP IT Infrastructure Management Discovery Site(Prerequisitos=7011693+7015576)
7011695 SAP IT Infrastructure Management Device Model Package
7015576 SAP IT Infrastructure Management Device Package

If you need information for that tool ask me, i have a lot of information but still waiting to get the test license :_(

(I have more information about that point but need to prepare it)

Final words

Well as i tell you from the twitter streaming while i was there in the event, i try to make a  summary on SNC but there was 4 intensive days of presentations and sharing information with others partners and i can’t process all notes that i take from germany last week; i will update that post as i found time for it.

From a personal perspective around Solution Manager, around ITIL, around Service Derivery for all our SAP Customer; we have to think that Solution Manager has been an internal tools for SAP AGS (now opened for us) and will be a safe bet for us, every day that i work with Solution Manager i found that is a key in each SAP customer landscape. And i see speaking with other partners the user of that SAP Solution is growing each year more; not jet on Spain :_(.

Yes, Solution Manager can do it, can offer IT administrators a tool to demonstrate the IT effort on each service and you can use it  as a ERP for IT department.

( look it in a part of my solman presentation)




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      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      Well done and thank you for taking the time to summarize. 

      For those attending SAP TechEd Las Vegas I recommend considering attending the Solution Manager ASUG Pre-Conference session.

      There is always a lot going on with Solution Manager

      Author's profile photo Lluis Salvador Suarez
      Lluis Salvador Suarez
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks you Tammy, is a shame not to go to Las Vegas Teched i just see the seminars list ans are all really interested especially for me "Bringing IT to the Business with SAP Solution Manager" 😉

      I will waiting you summary ¡

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      I cannot attend that session either; I am committed to assisting another pre-con but hopefully we can ask another attendee to give us a summary.

      Author's profile photo Raquel Pereira da Cunha
      Raquel Pereira da Cunha

      Hi Luis,

      thank you for the mention and for the great summary. Can't you go to TechEd Amsterdam? We won't have a seminar like in Vegas but there will be very interesting ITM sessions (not only Lectures but also Hands-on, Expert Networking and Q&A sessions).



      Author's profile photo Tom Cenens
      Tom Cenens

      Hi Luis

      Thanks for sharing!

      Best regards