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Author's profile photo Omid Daghdar

How to delete time evaluation error messages

1. Objective

Running time evaluation and fixing the errors is a day to day activity of time admin. So controlling the messages is a common activity. But the problem is by running time evaluation every day it produces lots of error or warning messages and time admin would reduce them. In this document I will show how to delete error messages.

2. Solution

There was some discussion like and today I had a similar issue. So I had to debug the program to I realized how can I delete the error messages.

1) One way is deleting time evaluation result from PCL2 by report RPUPD200. But in this way you will lose the time evaluation result also. This is a good idea to delete and clean the system but not to close the error messages by deleting them

2) Another way which I am explaining is using report RPTERR01 or Tcode PT40.

Run PT40, entered personnel number and click on Error Handling button.


System will show list of errors and to be able delete a record you must first fix the error. For example if there is a missing clock-in/out by creating required record in IT2011 you will fix the record. By fixing an error system will tick the error with a green check box. In this case you can delete the error record.


Otherwise system will show an error message.


System do this thru following programs


Here system control if the record is checked or not


I think but I am not sure, system should delete error messages by default in next time evaluations by fixing the error. I am not sure and I will check it.


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      Author's profile photo Sriram Tamil
      Sriram Tamil

      Hi Omid,

      Nice one, i have a question we just use our time schema to generate Absence quota for the whole year and it runs daily and it throws lot of warning messages.. do i need to delete those messages ?



      Author's profile photo Omid Daghdar
      Omid Daghdar
      Blog Post Author

      You can develop a simple schema dedicate for quota generation.

      I mean if you do not use your original schema which is used for time evaluation you can omit the PCRs which are not necessary for quota generation. In this way you will not have warning messages, will you?

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Omid,

      Thank you for the document. I have a query here, what if we are getting the error attached?


      BhagyashreeError - PT40.png

      Author's profile photo @ Dey Sankarsan
      @ Dey Sankarsan


      It could be linked with below issue

      1. Time event is not completed.

      2. Error in the time event pair formation.

      3. No time event for the day's.

      @ Bhagyashree:- You should open a thread regarding your query.



      Author's profile photo Jagan Gunja
      Jagan Gunja

      I agree with Omid to use schema customized for only quota generation.

      However, if the quota gen depends on time types created in time eval and if there are data changes which affect the time types, then this option would not work, as it needs to use the changed values.