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How can we automatic to determine batch within STO business scenario

As we know, we have 5 parameter help us to determine batch determination procedure for SD module within SAP system. (for instance : Sales organizaiton/ Distribution channel/ Division/ Sales order document  —  Batch Search procedure)

when we create a STO delivey document, we are referecen puchase order instead of sale order; According the batch search procedure rule, we cannot to use the purchase order document type replace sale order document type as the parameter to determine batch search procedure.


In this circumstance, we have a concept of default sale document type to solve this situation.

1. we will assign a default sale document type to STO delivery document type, eg. NLCC or NCR (as figure 1 & 2)

2. and then use the default salt document type as we peremater to determine Batch Search procedure (as figure 3)

3. at the end we activate automatic Batch determination in SD for item category NLC and NCRN

when we finished all activity that mentiond as above, then the system will automatic determine batch within STO business scenario.

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