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SAPUI5: Cordova/Phonegap Project Template

Last week on openSAP Craig Haworth started a new course openSAP – Introduction to Mobile Solution Development for the Enterprise.

There we use Cordova/PhoneGap to create a Hybrid Web Container in order to provide mobile applications for different platforms.

To easily integrate the powerful SAPUI5 we can simply add the following JavaScript code to bootstrap our application:

<script id="sap-ui-bootstrap"

But being a developer and trying to automate nearly everything that makes the process easier I wanted to be able to have already prepared application templates while creating a new app.

Therefore we have to edit/add our changes to the Cordova Project Template.

On a Mac you’ll have to put it in the following path:





On a Windows PC you’ll have to put it in the Phonegap Node Module:





Happy developing!

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