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NetWeaver Business Client 4.0 with predefined systems in an installation package

Recently I’ve had a problem with creating an installation package for NWBC 4.0 with predefined systems. I’ve noticed there is very little information on how to do it so I would like to share how I managed to do it. This post also helps with a problem with being able to log into NWBC 4.0 only once eventhough you can see your systems.

To create an installation package for NWBC 4.0 we are going to need the packege with installation files. I have used 50118243_6 which is NetWeaver 7.3 with Business Client 4.0 (download it from but a package only with NWBC 4.0 shuold suffice.

After you have downloaded the needed package you have to unpack it. After that what you need to do is to go to:

“C:\<your path to unpacked file>\NW_7.0_Presentation_\PRES1\nwbc\NWBC\Configuration”.

Under that directory you will find some .xml.template files. Open NwbcOptions.xml.template in notepad and what you’ll see is:

nwbc xml template.png

The <RuntimeConnection> segment is where you can define your systems. These will be visible to you from NWBC after you install it. They user will also be unable to delete those since they’re the predefined systems. For purposes of this post i haven’t changed example systems but if you install your own ones you should replace the marked <RuntimeConnection> segments with your own. Do not delete <RuntimeConnections> simply the inner segments. Not that the two from the screen above are named SY1 and SY2. After aplying changes save the file (don’t change its name).

The next step is to open SAP Installation Server Administration. The path to it is:

“C:\<your path to unpacked file>\NW_7.0_Presentation_\PRES1\nwbc\Setup\NwSapSetupAdmin”.

Once you run it what you’ll get is:

script for xml template 7.jpg

Now what you have to do is to create a packege. Simply do that by choosing “New Package” from application toolbar and following the steps in “Package Creation Wizard”. Once created open the “Packages” tab. When you do that select Package Configuration tab form tab selection to the left of the packages tab.

Now this is the place where we are going to tell NWBC installer to copy our file into .xml format into the proper directory. This is also were we can solve the problem of being able to log only once into NWBC. We will have to write a simple script which copies the file with our predefined systems and changes the format of the file from .template into .xml. To do so select “On Installation End” tab which can be found in “Event scripts” block in “Package configuration”. When you have done that click on Insert Script Sample and choose “Copy a file”.

script for xml template.jpg

script for xml template 2.jpg

Right now you should be looking at an example script for file copying. The changes you should make are highlighted in the screen below.

script for xml template 3.jpg

The variable strSrcFile is where you give the directory to your NwbcOptions.xml.template file. The strDstFile is the directory to the .xml file you’ll create (set this directory just as I did, don’t set your own directory here).

The last step is to create single install package for NWBC 4.0. To do so you right click your package and choose “Compress to Single File Installer”. Follow the wizzard and you’ll have your install file.

One of the options of installing it is to do it in the background. To do so you have to open cmd and drag and drop your install file onto it. After that add “/silent” and press enter.

script for xml template 4.jpg

Now you can run NWBC 4.0. When you do so this is what you’ll get.

script for xml template 6.jpg

Thanks for reading,

Bartłomiej Lubiatowski.

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      Kartik Natarajan

      Thanks for sharing Bartlomiej. Keep on Sharing.



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      Former Member

      Glad you liked it 🙂 . I'll keep on sharing.