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Month end VAT Reporting – SAP TAX Audit Tool – it might reduce vat risk


At month end normally you have to make a VAT report for tax government.


You want to have all data concerning VAT in one report.

Take a close look at data concerning VAT because of risk reduction concerning VAT Audit.

You can download vat data for further inspection.

Attention: There is no automatic reconciliation with SAP VAT report RFUMSV00


Call SAP function:  S_P7D_67000163 SAP Tax Audit (one possibility to run this report)

Enter selection data and run the report


You have one report, and 18 different views on vat data,  as you can see on the screenshot below.

You also can download vat data and make some more analysing and  checking  in Excel or Auditing software.


Copy from SAP Tax Audit Handbook, 2008 SAP AG, Peter Schiwek and Klaus Olbrich, page 15

Further information and description:

SAP TAX AUDIT Handbook, Version 2.0 by Peter Schiwek and Klaus Olbrich

SAP AG Walldorf 2008

SAP Note: 1091606

This handbook is available on SAP Marketplace.

Hope this is helpful information  for your work and supporting the customers needs.

all the best Erwin

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