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Applies to SAP BW 7.31

This document describes how you install the housekeeping task list for BW systems.

If you are on SAP NW BW 7.31 SPS8 you can go straight to Tx STC01 step.

A lot of so called “housekeeping” task are done manually now or in processchains like repair indexes and cleanup statistical data. SAP has delivered a task list that can handle things like that.

The Housekeeping task list can assist you with the following tasks:
  • Repairs indices on InfoCube fact table(s) at the Data Dictionary level
  • Re-assign requests written into the incorrect PSA partition
  • Ensure request consistencies throughout the PSA landscape
  • Ensure partitioned tables are correctly indexed for the PSA
  • Verify DataSource segments assignment to PSA
  • Checks BW metadata with regard to the DDIC
  • Deletes the entries that are no longer required in table RSIXW
  • Reorganize and delete bookmark IDs and view IDs
  • This program deletes RSTT traces
  • This program deletes BW statistical data
  • Delete Aggregate data via deactivation
  • Clear all OLAP Cache parameters

How do you implement the list?

First things first: Read Note 1829728.
“This note contains the necessary coding required for the SAP_BW_HOUSEKEEPING task list
creation. This task list can be used to facilitate some of the BW system’s
routine housekeeping activities and should be run on a regular basis.”
You need your SAP Basis help for this implementation!
1) First follow the document attached in the note called PCAI_Guide.pdf. This is a basis task.
2) Once done with this you need to install Report ZNOTE_1829728_PRE.TXT. Create the program ZNOTE_1829728_PRE
and copy/paste the code from the note or from my attachment. (If you have an OSS account you might want to get it from the note to have the most recent one)
3) In the attributes Pop-up please enter description and ‘Executable program’ as type.
4) Execute now the PRE steps.
Choose your transport layer and do an update.
Use the same transport request as for the rest of the manual activities and the corrections of this note. You don’t need to transport the programs you have just created, but the objects, which were generated by the report.
Now create the post report ZNOTE_1829728_POST_70X or ZNOTE_1829728_POST_73X depending on your
release. Proceed the same way as above.
Execute it in testrun. If you get an error the note – or one of the prerequisites have not been done. 
From the Note:
“The program will automatically create several objects like Package, Function Group, Error messages, Task lists and will prompt you for a transport request. Please use the same transport request as for the rest of the manual activities and the corrections of the note. “
Make sure all changes are collected on the same transport.
Once installed go into Tx STC01
Task Manager for Technical Configuration_2013-09-13_15-37-53.png
The task list is called SAP_BW_HOUSEKEEPING
Select the steps you want to execute. Most of them only run in background mode due to their long run time. You can schedule the housekeeping items on periodic basis.  Most of the task can also be run in a check mode only.
Each step is explained when you click on the document icon at the end. A couple steps are Repair related while others are for Cleanup purposes.
All in all a great tool to fix some of the db related issues that keep happening in a BW environment. The same applies for all cleanup steps that BW needs!
EDIT: You can also refer to the new SAP Guidance on Housekeeping that came out SAP First Guidance – BW Housekeeping and BW-PCA or to SAP NetWeaver BW Application Lifecycle Manageme… | SCN
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  1. Andreas Schuth

    Very nice stuff there Martin.

    I wonder if it would be possible to include things like “Delete DTP Error Log”,… etc.

    You have any experience with that?


    1. Martin Grob Post author

      Hi Andreas

      As this housekeeping list is made by SAP we need to wait until they add it πŸ™‚

      But so far this has been a nice add on and I saw SAP NW 7.31 SPS8 has it already included.


      1. Pasquale Pizzichemi


        You can expect DTP error log deletion, Process Chain Log deletion as well as Application log deletion among the upcoming improvements for the Housekeeping task list. Stay tuned!


    1. Martin Grob Post author

      Hi Michal

      Looks like OSS is slow but the note is accessible. I just downloaded it and tried to attach it but somehow it doesn’t let me attach another file.


  2. CH Raman

    Housekeeping activities always important at prod environment.

    Thank to know useful information and Notes.

    Thanks for sharing with us.



    1. Martin Grob Post author

      Hi Roland

      When I read the note I was wondering why SAP didn’t make a bigger deal about it πŸ™‚

      I think this has great potential.



      1. Roland Kramer

        This is one oft the Best Helpers we ever did. the Developer is currently in Walldorf. He started this as a “Hobby”, can you imagine?

        He implemented the most of my Housekeeping Recommendations I suggest prior to an Upgrade or a Migration. More Additions will follow …

        See also –

        Furthermore we mentioned all this as well in the e2e Guide – Migration BW on HANA –

        That´s all you have to read … πŸ˜‰

        Best Regards Roland

        1. Martin Grob Post author

          Quite an impressive “hobby” one can have πŸ™‚   I totally agree this is a great addition for housekeeping bw! Even just the first step on it’s own, recreating index saves us from maintaining a process chain to rebuild those on the weekends.

          I’m suprised the reaction isn’t any bigger but I guess not everyone has figured out yet what a handy tasklist this is. Excited to see it grow.


            1. Martin Grob Post author

              Hi Roland. Unfortunately I had to pass to attend this years teched in AMS as my daughter was born that week πŸ™‚ Is there any of the housekeeping content form teched online available?

              thanks Martin

              1. Roland Kramer

                Hi Martin,

                As you are one/the Frontrunner with BW Housekeeping, you know everything.

                we enhanched it also for 7.40 and we will continue implementing more tasks as well

                Updates will be published by the SAP Note and in the SAP First Guidance Document mentioned in your Post.

                Best Regards Roland

  3. Raf Boudewijns

    Hey Martin,

    just went through this as I’m at a (BW) client today. They have BW7.31 SP6 so all the prerequisites have already been met except for the ZNOTE_1829728_PRE report. When I tried executing it, I got an error stating that the note (1829728) could not be read:

    SAP Note 0001829728 cannot be read; Ensure correct download of note first.

    So I assume we actually have to download it via SNOTE (which I didn’t see mentioned anywhere btw). Right now I’m stuck because it seems system admin here has “fooled around” with the OSS connection (which currently no longer works 😑 ). I guess it won’t be fixed today anymore, so I’ll have to wait to “play” with this for another 2 weeks (when I’ll be back here).

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Martin Grob Post author

      Hi Raf

      Did you had a chance to look at the pdf attached to note 1829728? (PCAI_Guide.pdf)
      A simple download of the note via snote will not be enough if basis hasn’t installed the post copy automation abap the note download will not be applicable. The pdf will tell you at what point you need to download it via snote. Sorry you need to wait two weeks πŸ™‚


      1. Raf Boudewijns

        I downloaded that document, but since it’s title states “PCAI Guide with note 1589145” I ignored it (as all prerequisites for that note have been met in our release by default).

        Anyways, we would eventually need SNOTE to work for that as well πŸ˜‰

    1. Martin Grob Post author

      thanks glad you like it.. personally I think this housekeeping task list is pretty awesome work done by SAP but I get the feeling people haven’t yet realized what it all can do for you..

  4. Gene Xi

    Hi Martin

    i went through this on our internal test system but got a question here..

    an error message was given after executing ZNOTE_1829728_POST_73X (we are on SAP_BW SAPKW73107)

    “SAP Note 0001829728 not implemented.”

    Yes, quite similar situation as Raf described in his comment.

    However, it prevented me from downloading 1829728 as it is not released.. then i turned to PCAI_Guide.pdf… what i did is just download note 1589145 but it cannot be implemented due to release problem

    i hence checked the original note 1829827 again.. it implies that i am on 731 sp7 so that i do not need to implement 1589145

    so.. i am little bit confused here.. what should i do next in order to get note 1829827 implemented?

    Thanks a bunch!!


          1. Gene Xi

            Yes. i executed ZNOTE_1829728_POST_73X in update mode but it throws an error message ‘SAP Note 0001829728 not implemented’, which cant be download via SNOTE.. what shall i do to have SAP_BW_HOUSEKEEPING task list?

            Thanks a bunch

            1. Martin Grob Post author

              Sorry took me a while to get back to you but Roland already gave you the answer. Since it says can’t download the note you seem to miss the installation part noted in the pdf mentioned above.


    1. Roland Kramer


      The following Note – 1829728 – BW Housekeeping Task List must be present in the 7.0x and 7.3x at any time. So download the Note ans make it available in the System.

      When you can see the Icon which indicates that is possible to apply, please do so.

      Read alsoc arefully the manual activites of the Note.

      In addition check the updated SAP First Guidance – BW Housekeeping and BW-PCA

      the latest Version can be found here, until the Version in SCN is updated

      Best Regards Roland

          1. Gene Xi

            Hello Martin

            Another question about sap_bw_housekeeping, maybe you already know the answer.

            ‘where is the log generated by the tasks themselves stored?’

            Thanks a lot


              1. Gene Xi

                Is there any other logs generated by task run besides job logs in sm37? coz i am just curious little about whether i need to run other log clean job for this task list

                Thanks a bunch


        1. Debanshu Mukherjee


          We are also receiving the same error – ‘SAP Note 0001829728 not implemented’.

          Here are the steps we followed:

          1. Started to implement the note and basis asked us to do Pre manual steps.

          2. Performed Pre-manual steps by executing the pre program.

          3. Asked basis to continue. They continued and asked us to perform post manual steps.

          4. When tried to execute post manual pgm, received the error.

          How did you solve this error?



  5. Gene Xi

    Hi Martin

    is it possible to set dynamic variant for task ‘Deletes the entries that are no longer required in table RSIXW’? coz i want to schedule it as a periodical job but the standard variant only allows to enter a certain date which means i have to schedule the job every week or every month manually.. so is it possible to set dynamic variant?

    Thanks a lot.


  6. Roland Kramer

    Hallo Martin,

    Möchtest Du am 30.01.2014 am DSAG Arbeitskreis “Upgrade BW 7.x” über die BW Housekeeping Taskliste berichten? Das wäre wirklich Super.

    Viele Grüsse Roland


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