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#SCNis10 SCN-Changed and still chaning my life

I actually started my journey in SAP through SCN. I was working in some other technology and had the HR system in SAP. When I googled about SAP HR and few SCN links were come to me. That was my first introduction to SCN. Then eventually I got introduced in SAP and while trying to move to this technology, that time I was wondering how to move in this area and found one beautiful blog by Otto Gold

“What would I do if I were a SAP newbie”

This and few more blog from SCN had helped and motivated me also provided the right guidance to enter into SAP world. From my experience what I can say is in SAP if any one wants to know anything,technical,functional,motivational,career related thing can be found in SCN. Another thing for sure nothing is kept unanswered here.

After moving into SAP, for the numerous issues I got answer from SCN with and without posting(from others post) discussions in SCN.

I started contributing when my mentor and guide Mr. Debasis RoyChowdhury encouraged me about this. Also got a lot of motivation and guidance from Debopriya Ghosh. I thank them here for the support and encouragement.

For my next goal,learn SAP HANA,also I started my research in SCN and found lot of helpful document and blogs. Hope I will achieve it.

Last but not the least definitely I will Contribute to SCN as much I can do.

Thanks to the SCN mentors again for all your support…

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