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Getting your @Prompt syntax right

I have been using BusinessObjects for just over a year and have only used 4.0.  I had become accustomed to the ease of defining a prompt in WebI so I was kind of surprised when I attempted to create a universe prompt in the Information Design Tool.  I need to type out up 7 parameters for the prompt function (see attached image below).  Really?

As a work around to what I perceive to be a shortcoming, I simply create a prompt within a query in IDT or WebI with whatever options I want.  Then I view the script that is generated and copy the @Prompt function and its parameters.  Now I paste that where I am trying to create my prompt.  The prompt editor may not expose all of the options of the prompt, but at least it gets me started and then I can manually adjust what is generated if necessary to create the finalized version of my universe prompt.

I hope you find this helpful.



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