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10 years of SCN – 2010 – the launch of Code Exchange


I wasn’t at SAP, yet, when SCN started, but I joined SCN right after starting my career at SAP in 2005.

When starting to look around in the internet to find material on how best to start with SAP NetWeaver Java I came across SCN and was amazed about how many material was available there. People helping each other with things they’ve found out and with many best-practices. I’ve tried to embrace this attitude and after feeling comfortable  writing in English I wrote my first piece of content on SCN through a Wiki page about how to use componentization in Web Dynpro Java followed by a document around embedding Xcelsius SWF files in PowerPoint.

I’ve worked on the Code Exchange platform as the respective project manager and started blogging about the platform in late 2009 with a series of blog post.

Going live in 2010 at SAP TechEd was a great experience. Not only did we manage to get the platform up-and-running. I could count on many community members who’ve helped making this platform available for everybody on SCN. With various, mostly legal, issues we needed to tackle at the end it was something that many people form the SCN community helped putting in together. People like Gregor Wolf, Ethan Jewet, Uwe Fetzer, Ivan Femia and many many others.

My special memory from the community

The SAP Mentors where even involved in the co-definition of the scope of the Code Exchange platform. Something I liked very much as this group of people raised many concerns which we were able to fix prior the launch in 2010. Something which is my special memory from the community.

Wishes for the future

For the future I hope that SCN can keep-up with the pace around all the new IT technologies and the challenges coming along with them. Creating a good navigation for the page is something key and a very challenging task. The easier it gets to access the information you want the better this is for the consumers and contributors of this platform. I hope that SCN opens-up even more and that the great content can better be consumed also outside of SCN.

So I wish SCN another 10 years of success and growth with a lot of new members and a bigger footprint in the overall SAP community.



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