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The future of SAP Automated Note Search Tool

Not long ago, in March 2013, Automated Notes Search tool was delivered as a standard application. Although ANST has got excellent feedback from customers and partners, we know there’s nothing that cannot be improved and ANST should not be the exception.

So this is what we are asking here: What features would you like, customers, partners and SAP colleagues, to see in future versions of ANST?. Your comments are welcome!.

If this is your first contact with Automated Notes Search Tool, you can become familiar with it by playing the demo / training provided in the SMP. All you need is a SMP account.

Click here and play the demo

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  • Hi Carlos,

    I've played with ANST quite a bit as the ANST Champion in Dublin. One suggestion that would be really helpful would be that rather than using transaction 'ANST_SERACH_TOOL', perhaps we could simply use 'ANST' - it would be the natural transaction code. When our colleagues can't remember the full code, they try 'ANST'.  I think it would be great to have both ANST and ANST_SEARCH_TOOL  (some old dogs don't like new tricks πŸ™‚ )


    • Hi Karen,

      Actually you typed 'ANST_SERACH_TOOL' which shows the current TCODE is too long. πŸ˜‰

      You are right:

      - Most used transactions like SE16, SM30 and SE38 have just 4 characters and we would get crazy if we had to type 16 characters just to display a table.

      - But it's also true that all the documentation generated so far talks about ANST_SEARCH_TOOL and some customers may already have put it in their favourites, so if we do not want to bother anyone, the best option is to create a new transaction ANST that will be exactly the same as ANST_SEARCH_TOOL without deleting ANST_SEARCH_TOOL. The documentation will be updated with the new TCODE.

      Thanks a lot for your contribution,


  • Hi Carlos,

    It seems that once an OSS note has been implemented, we cannot see it anymore when we run through ANST analysis. In my opinion it would make sense to add a button where we could choose what filter we want to use (to force the system to display implemented OSS notes as well for example).

    That it because I happen to face some regressions after implementing an OSS note, but couldn't remember the note number. So I ran ANST again and couldn't find this note either... It would have saved me some time if I had found it, together with its status.



    • Hi Nick,

      Thankl you for your idea!!! πŸ™‚ .

      Yes I think it makes sense to have an option to display also the notes that have already been implemented but are relevnt for the selected objects. I have written the idea down on the list of possible future enhancements to be discussed with the ANST maintenance team.

      But just to clarify: The option you are talking about would display all the notes that would be relevant if the customer's system support package level was zero, right?. Or only notes that have just been implemented? . Since when?.



      • Second option. Imagine the following: I'm facing a bug with tcode BP.

        I'm starting ANST and 2 notes are found. I implement the first one.

        Now if I start ANST again, you will display the second one only... but I think it would make sense to be able to see the first one also (with its status "Already implemented" for example). Not the default behavior probably, but just an option that we can activate during regression tests for example.

        I don't want to see the notes that are not relevant for my SP level.

        • So, only those notes that are implemented via SNOTE, but not those that are implemented via SP, right?. Or maybe something customizable by the customer like.

          Notes that have have been implemented in the last X days...Any more ideas?.

          • Oh you're right. The notes that have been implemented via SP would be very useful too... but don't act as if my "system support package level was zero". Also your suggestion to limit the notes that have been implemented in the last X days makes a lot of sense. That would be great.

            In case any other idea comes to my mind, I'll add another comment to this blog πŸ˜‰

          • Is it possible to check the 'version' of a Note that is installed? Then ANST could show Notes that have a newer version than the Note already implemented?

          • In this case the desirable behaviour should be to get the note in your list but in the "implementation status" field be informed that the note is "incompletely implemented".

            It's difficult to test this in an SAP internal system because we should know beforehand that a note we are applying will have another version.

  • Hi Carlos,

    As requested, I have gathered the suggestions for ANST improvement, reported internally by some colleagues, and I'm listing them here:

    1) To have additional filtering options by username (similar to ST12)

    2) To be able to start and stop trace at will, that is, not having to start the trace from the very beginning of the transaction/report execution (similar to SAT)

    3) To be able to perform a search inside the custom codes that are returned by ANST

    4) To be able to perform a search inside the notes that are returned by ANST.

    What do you think?

    Best Regards,


    • Hi Alessandro,

      Thank you for all your suggestions. all of them will be brought to the list of possible feature enhancements and discussed.

      All of them are new options that do not change the current functionality but are more functions.

      2) To be able to start and stop trace at will, that is, not having to start the trace from the very beginning of the transaction/report execution (similar to SAT). -> Cool!. This would reduce the objects recorded in the recording is restricted to the relevant section of the process but on the other hand adding the start / stop pop up makes the recording process a bit more complex.

      4) To be able to perform a search inside the notes that are returned by ANST. -> This one will be useful in case the hitl list is large and the user wants ot be reduced using their own terms.

      3) To be able to perform a search inside the custom codes that are returned by ANST -> If you are investigating why a specific field is taking a value, you could use the name of this field as search term. Cool!



  • Hi Carlos.

    When opening a trace in ANST, the popup window shows the buttons Cancel and Enter, but with the Cancel button to the left of the Enter button. In all other popup's from SAP the Cancel button is the last (most to the richt). It would be nice to have the same order in the popup.

    And a question: In Note search the status "Note Data incomplete" is shown. What does that mean ?. The note is not implemented is our system.



    • Dear Frank,

      You are right!, It was a mistake. Order of the buttons is changed as of:

      Support Packages

      Software Component Release Support Package
      SAP_BASIS 700 SAPKB70030
      SAP_BASIS 701 SAPKB70115
      SAP_BASIS 702 SAPKB70215
      SAP_BASIS 731 SAPKB73110
      SAP_BASIS 740 SAPKB74005

      Regarding the second question about note implementation completeness, please open an incident in component BC-UPG-NA.



  • Thank you Carlos.

    This is a great tool.

    Not played much with this tool.

    Have a question :

    Is this tool work in middleware scenarios as well?

    Like , CRM -> ECC , will it give notes missing in both SAP CRM R3 Adapter and ECC R3 Plug-in as well?



  • Hi Carlos,

    We are currently facing a strange issue with ANST.Previously, it was working fine.

    After running the trace with ANST, we get the list of Application Components.On selecting one such component and clicking on 'Note Search', the tool keeps on searching for the note and the list of notes is never returned.



    • Hi Mrinalika,

      I'm so sorry. Unfortunately the issue is caused outside the ANST application and that's why it's taking so long. We have noticed that the number of components in the system where the notes are being searched is related to the issue. e.g. I deleted the CLC HR components in a test system where the note search had stopped working and now the notes are found again:



        PERFORM get_components

          CHANGING l_t_components.

      >>>> add
        delete l_t_components where ( component(6) =  'SAP_HR' and not

               ( component = 'SAP_HRXX' or component = 'SAP_HRCES' or component = 'SAP_HRGXX' or component = 'SAP_HRRXX' )


                ( component(5) =  'EA-HR' and not

               ( component = 'EA-HRXX' or component = 'EA-HRCES' or component = 'EA-HRGXX' or component = 'EA-HRHRRXX') ) ).

      >>>> add

      but this is a workaround that will work as long as you don't want to search notes for HR localization corrections.

      It's better to wait until a fix is provided.



        • Hello Mrinalika,

          This was due to temporary problem for remote note search functionality at SAP side. Issue has been resolved now. Your OSS ticket has also been answered.

          Thank you for the patience and apologies in the delay in solving it.

          All good now. Do let us know your feedback/suggestion about ANST.



  • Hi all,

    i try to use this tool for a Webdynpro Application (e.g hress_a_ptarq_leavreq_appl).

    The selection Screen of that does not allow to give a application configuration of the Webdynpro-Application to test.

    As you know WD-Application using FPM needs the configuration-Id to start

    So its not usefull for this Kind of appls now, unless you create a new application with the fix defines configuration-Id.

    Maybe SAP will enable this ... it will be great


  • Hi All,

    For the last few days it seems that ANST is not working anymore: when searching for OSS notes the system throws error message "The RFC connection was improperly configured"... however everything is fine when downloading OSS notes manually via SNOTE. So after a few debugging I found out that error message "Search service temporary not available" is sent by the API and is then translated to something really misleading (because obviously it is NOT the OSS connexion that isn't valid).

    Any info about it?



    • Hello Nick,

      There is internal problem in the API which we use for remote note search. We are currently working on it to get this up and running as quickly as possible. You are absolutely right with your observation. And, yes the error message is also misleading.

      So as soon as we rectify this, we will update you.



        • ... Indeed it's VERY important... but it's been down for more than a week now, so I'm afraid it's giving a very bad feeling about its robustness when SNOTE/MarketPlace are up and running fine and you get an error message that something is badly configured on your system (when it's not) πŸ™

          • Got a response from SAP Support today: ANST_SEARCH_TOOL won't work at the moment, but using tcode ANST instead (that you can install with OSS note 1915529) seems to be working fine. That's good news πŸ˜€



          • Hello Nick,

            But we will also not forget the longer version of the transaction. It will also start working for "ANST_SEARCH_TOOL" by end of next week.



  • Hi Carlos,

    first of all thanks a lot for taking feedback from the public to further improve the TA ANST.

    I've already posted over here What is ANST....and why aren't you using it? what I'm missing, but I'd like to put it down here as well nevertheless:

    Concerning the Customer Code Search-Option: I would like to see Explicit Enhancements in form of OO-Redifinitions, for example Classes or WebDynpro Components and Implicit Enhancements to be taken into account too in a later release. This is what I'm missing most in this tool aside from the WDYN CC/AC-Option (which is already fixed with note 1976578) now, because I'm working a lot with the enhancement framework.

    Cheers, Lukas

    • Hi Lukas,

      First of all thank you for providing really nice feedback and requirement. This is definitely under development. Will soon update you with note number. This will enable to also find out the class implementations for enhancement spots in the customer code search option.

      Thank you again.



  • Hi Everyone,

    I have worked with this t-code its really helpful but i have noticed somethings for Webdynpro.

    Can we use this search tool for HCM Process and Forms.

    I don't see some webdynpro Component's like FPM_LIST_UIBB_ATS, FPM_FORM_UIBB_GL2 and FPM_COMPOSITE_UIBB.

    Is there any SAP NOTE for these Components.

    Thanks &Regards

    Madhukiran M.

  • Dear All,

    Could you help me, please?

    One of my customers is asking if is possible to know in the system the notes pending to apply. The customer wants a tool where we can check the new notes (not updates in the notes already implemented) Is ANST that tool? Or ANST is informing about notes updates?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Kind regards,

    Daniela Barros

    • Hi Daniela,

      ANST will give you the notes that are not implemented in your system and not just updates in the notes already implemented. all you have to do is start transaction anst or anst_search_tool and record the process for which you want the notes to be searches.



  • Hi Carlos.

    I'm wundering why it's possible to download notes from ANST in a production system. Notes should only be applied in development systems and transported. Would be better if this was disabled (looking at client role) or pop-up with possibilty to enter system to download to.



  • Dear Gurus,
    ANST can now detect implicit and explicit enhancements in ABAP programs.
    Also, for performance reasons, customer code detection will be done on Application component basis:

    2408785 – ANST- Detection of Implicit and Explicit enhancement as customer code