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When opening an excel document through the EPM Add-in via the web client, I cannot get the the Workbook_Open() procedure within ThisWorkbook to fire. It works fine (i.e. fires as it should) if I just double click on the excel file and open the file that way. I am trying to get the code below to fire but do not worry so much about what this code is doing but the fact that it does not even fire

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

    Dim EPMObj As New FPMXLClient.EPMAddInAutomation

    Run (“UnprotectLayout.UnprotectLayout”)

    ‘This code is used to “trip” the parameter values to be set to the sunset colors
    ‘so that a refresh is indicated when the conditional formatting triggers for the
    ‘selection boxes F3, 5 and 7
    Cells(3, 12).Value = Cells(3, 12).Value & “TripTheColor”
    Cells(5, 12).Value = Cells(5, 12).Value & “TripTheColor”
    Cells(7, 12).Value = Cells(7, 12).Value & “TripTheColor”
    Run (“ProtectLayout.ProtectLayout”)

End Sub

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  1. Mark Sapey


    On BPC 10.x this is disabled.

    Instead use AFTER_WORKBOOK_OPEN.

    This has to be in a code module and not in ThisWorkbook.




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