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Tasks list in order to automatize procedure

Transcation sTC01: you have already define some task list :




you can change parameter with /wp-content/uploads/2013/09/change_276206.png. example on smlg :


You change choose which you want to execute or not by changing flag on column execute.

Then you can run. If it failed you will have something like this :


If you have forgotten to fill some filed on variant (icon :  /wp-content/uploads/2013/09/askneed_276213.png), the system ask you:


We can see runs by :





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  • Hello,

    This task list does not appear in my i missing anything?

    NW EHP1 for 7.0

    These are the task list.

    STC_TEST_TASKLIST_001 Task List with one task always succeeds
    STC_TEST_TASKLIST_002 Task List with one task always fails
    STC_TEST_TASKLIST_003 Task List with one task always aborts
    STC_TEST_TASKLIST_004 Task List with one task returning warnings
    STC_TEST_TASKLIST_005 Task List with one NOT resumable task
    STC_TEST_TASKLIST_006 Task List with one long running task
    STC_TEST_TASKLIST_007 Task List contains only one Task which is skipped by default
    STC_TEST_TASKLIST_008 Task List with skipped and success task
    STC_TEST_TASKLIST_009 Task List with a long running (1 minute) and a success task
    STC_TEST_TASKLIST_010 Task List for Resume Test
    STC_TEST_TASKLIST_011 Task List for Impossible Test
    STC_TEST_TASKLIST_012 Task List for External Parameter Test
    STC_TEST_TASKLIST_013 Task List with a not existing Task
    STC_TEST_TASKLIST_014 Task List with a long running (5 seconds) and a success task
    STC_TEST_TASKLIST_015 Task List with one task that required confirmation of manual activities
    STC_TEST_TASKLIST_016 Task List with two tasks: first always fails, second always succeeds
    STC_TEST_TASKLIST_017 Task list contains one mandatory task

    Kind Regards,


    • On my test, i do it on NW7.40. and if i see on NW702 i didn't get the same  list. Just different versions. But you can create your own list. I will probably make some document on it.

      • Thanks it will be useful , is you document how to create and also share any SAP notes numbers and the name of the SAP guides you followed so that we can search it from Service Market Place...

        Kind Regards,