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Putting the Power in Their Palms and User-Centric Apps at Their Fingertips

Mobile Device.pngAs desktop computer sales continue to slump and mobile device sales are on the upswing, companies are making the shift toward creating and supporting a mobile workforce. Companies are understanding that enterprise mobility is the way of the future, and it will continue to become more important for businesses as younger generations enter the workforce and expect the tools they need (and want) to be in the palm of their hands and the applications to be at the tips of their fingers.

Transforming into a mobile workforce is about more than just about ensuring that users have mobile devices. It is also about designing and implementing a complete and effective strategy, and building solutions that are customized based on users’ needs. These user-centric solutions can be challenging, but there are processes that can assist with designing and implementing the best options.

SAP’s Mobility Design Center works with organizations to co-innovate and build solutions that work best to support and adapt to how users work, rather than being intrusive and forcing users to adapt to the technology. The SAP services team uses a specialized approach that is agile and iterative to ensure success, and the solution is built using the deep expertise and access to the best of the best in the industry. The solution can leverage the powerful SAP Afaria mobile device management solution, which aggregates management into one platform making it easier to manage off-site devices and mitigate risk. Mobility Design Process.png

The SAP Custom Development organization follows these three steps during the co-innovation process:

Step One: Business users explain their needs. This is when the SAP team listens to what the users need and what will support them.

Step Two: Using mock-ups and prototypes, SAP ensures end-user approval and technical feasibility. This design and test phase is imperative to producing the final solutions.

Step Three: Production-ready solutions are created and perfectly reflect customer business needs. The solutions are ready to be implemented in a timely manner.

This circular and dynamic process of define, plan, build, validate, and retrospect, results in the best possible solutions with mobile apps that suit the mobile devices and meets business needs according to SAP’s development guidelines.

For more information, download the SAP Solution Brief for User-Centric Mobile Apps.

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