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How to write the perfect blog post!


Blogging is FUN!

Besides that – it gives you a huge numbers of other upsides. When you start blogging you: 

  • strengthen your personal brand by showing expertise in a certain area
  • improve your SEO ranking and by doing so it support your digital prescence and your business goals. 
  • unlocks hidden ideas in your mind that can lead you to new insights.
  • improve your writing skills
  • get a chance of explaining a topic deeper than you for instance can on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

How to become a blogger

If you have never blogged you first of all needs to decide what your blogg should be all about. My belief is that each and everyone of us has a story to tell and that all of us carries an expertize in one or more areas. It might be a professional expertize or one of a more private character, maybe one of your hobbies. In this post I will focus on you being a blogger as a consequence of your profession. Because if you have a profession you also have an expertise that will be of interest to other people doing the same stuff as you do. 

The need of being specific

The more specific a blogg is the easier it is to add value and attract more readers. A blogg about animals will probably be too broad to add any value unless you as a person are a superstar or celebrity in the area. However a blogg about “How to breed zebra finches” allows you to cover a blank space and you might be able to attract zebra finches fans all over the globe. Of course your credebility is higher if you have a few finches of your own….

The blogging frequency

How often do you need to blog to clame you are a blogger?

Well it is of course up to you to decide but one easy way of putting it is: Write a blogg post when you have something interesting to tell.

OK but when do I have something interesting to tell you might ask. One way of answering this is by seeing each time someone asks you a question as a potential blogg post. So when someone asks you a question related to your profession – turn that question into a blogg post. It does not need to be a long post. And at least the person who asked the question will find the answer interesting and read your post.

Now you are ready to start writing the actual blogg post. Read through these 8 steps and you will be more likely to succeed.

How to write the perfect blogg post

1. Title – the purpose of the title is one: to get potential readers to read the first line of you content. Be relevant and snappy.

2. Make the point clear – present your hypothesis in an easy way and stick to it all through your post.

3. Use listings and bullets – organize your arguments in a list with bullets or numbers to make it easier to follow. 

4. Use links –  a perfect blog post will have content that other bloggers want to link to. Also use links to other bloggposts or webbpages covering the same topic.

5. Include videos or images  (or both) – that supports your blogg post. It breaks up the text and makes it more interesting and easy to read.

6. Stick to the point – at this stage in a blogg post it easy to drift away from your main topic – don’t. Save that to a seperate blogg post.

7. Keywords – by using keywords you make it easier to find your blogg. Check Google AdWords to identify related keywords and how they are used.

8. Keep the length – don’t write too long posts. Long posts don’t mean that you are a greater expert in your field. It rather gives the reader a negative experience. A rule of thumb is not to exceed 1000 words in any post. If you have a lot to say it might be two topics and two posts rather than one.

. Seek interaction with your audience

Good luck with your blogging and feel free to make a comment and please also share with me your best ideas of how to write the perfect blogg post.


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      Kalle Richert

      Interesting thoughts and tips Anders!

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      Former Member

      Great Tips...Many Thanks.

      Best Regards,

      Naresh K.

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      Former Member

      Thanks Anders for this sharing.

      I really appreciate the bullets 😉


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      Arulmurugan Veluchamy

      Good Tips!