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How to install the new B2B add-on

I see a lot of people facing problems setting up the new B2B add-on for SAP PI or PO. In this blog, based on a SAP PO 7.31 SP07 system, I will explain all the steps necessary to do the set up. Please note that the software used in this blog was downloaded on September 9th 2013. The product evolves very fast and within a few weeks, higher patch levels could be available.


Make sure these 2 roles are added to the user executing the setup


Make sure the users PIAF<SAPSID>, PIDIR<SAPSID> and PIIS<SAPSID> are added to the Administrators group and they have role SAP_XI_ADMINISTRATOR_J2EE assigned.

STEP 1 – download the correct software

Go to the Download Center on the SAP Service Marketplace via URL
You can go for Installations and Upgrades, but please note you need to upgrade this software!

Within the Support Packages and Patches, go to A-Z Index -> P -> PI B2B ADDON and to PI SFTP PGP ADDON for all relevant components.

Make sure you download them all. Choose for every component if you are on SP0 or SP1.

STEP 2 – deploy the software

Use the JSPM to deploy all downloaded components.

STEP 3 – verify the deployment

Go to the start page of the java stack (http://<host>:<port>/startPage) -> System Information -> Components Info and take B2B for the Name. This is the result:


Please note SP1 is installed.

STEP 4 – add content to the Enterprise Services Repository

The downloaded B2B Toolkit ZIP file contains all the relevant information. Go to the ESR -> Tools -> Import Design Objects and import file XI7_11_B2B_TOOLKIT_1.0_01_02.tpz.


Do the same for the B2B Mapping Kit and import file XI7_11_B2B_MAPPING_KIT_1.0_01_00.tpz.


In case you want to use the SFTP adapter too, make sure to import the content as well into the ESR.


STEP 5 – configure the EDI content manager

Go to the B2B Integration Cockpit (http://<port>:<host>/b2bic) -> EDI Content Manager. In my case, I want to configure different EDI scenarios, so I go for Edifact in the menu. You can also go for another message format. The steps are similar.

STEP 5.1 – import content

The downloaded B2B content part (file PIB2BCONTENT01_5-20009370.ZIP) contains the Runtime Content you need. Make sure all the relevant files with the .b2b extension are imported. With relevant I mean the ones for your message format. In my case, I need to import files B2B_EDI_TABLES-93A_99B-v1.0.b2b and B2B_EDI_TABLES-00A_10B-v1.0.b2b.

You can verify the table’s content using the Tables menu item

STEP 5.2 – control keys

Make sure the Control Key Scenario Association part and the Control Key Description Editor part are filled in properly. If not, you will face errors mentioning no conversion rules available or unkown message type. Basically, the system needs this to identify the incoming message and map it to XML or vice versa (TIP: use this configuration in conjunction with adapter module localejbs/EdifactConverterModule)

STEP 5.3 – generate XSD

Generate an XSD and use this one as an external definition in your ESR

STEP 6 – Integration Directory

Verify if the new adapters are available to use.


As of this point, you can start creating your own scenarios.

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  • Hello,

    Very helpfull overview.


    >Make sure all the relevant files with the .b2b extension are imported.

    How and there can this "import" of .b2b files be done?




    • Hi Johannes,


      The import can be performed from the B2B Integration Cockpit (SP1 and above).

      Short cut URL for the same is : http://<host>:<port>/b2bic


      You have to navigate to EDI Content manager and then inside any of the EDI standard there is the Import option.


      Hope this helps.




  • In my case everything seems to be ok, but the step 6. The SFTP Adapter is not available in the list. Any idea why is not showing?


    I checked in NWA that all components are installed and applications started, and they are ok, but we can't find the reason for this behavior... and I couldn find so far any posts or notes mention this problem.


    Any suggestion could be helpful.

    Thanks in advance...

      • Hi Dimitri, First of all, thanks for answering,


        Im aware of that, actually SFTP was the only component that we installed beacause its the only we need, and now its showing in NWA as you mentioned in step 3. But for some reason the adapter is not visible in the list of comunication Channels in the Integration Builder in the step 6.


        Any Idea?

        • Hi Gustavo,


          Perhaps the adapter service was not started? Please verify it using the NWA -> Operations -> Systems -> Start & Stop -> Java Applications.


          Check if these ones are started:



          NOTE: in case you still face problems, please open a thread within this community and refer to it here. The space to answer here is getting too narrow and helpful/correct answers cannot be indicated.


          Kind regards,


          • Hi Dimitri,


              Just to give you an update.. now it's working just fine.. we didn't know the reason of the behavior, we just deploy the SP2 and that seems to solve the problem.


            Thenks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions.


            Gustavo Balboa

  • Hi Dimitri,


    I was trying to access the b2bic but unfortunately getting 404 error..

    when I try to check whether the roles SAP_XI_B2B * are present in system to my surprise I dont see those roles created/generated in System.


    Could you please advice how the above roles get generated or Can I create them manually if so what are the actions to be assigned under that role.


    Thanks in Advance


    • Hi Rajesh,


      Are you sure the B2B add-on has been deployed properly? A HTTP 404 means that the URL does not exist.


      Please check that first.


      NOTE: in case you still face problems, please open a thread within this community and refer to it here. The space to answer here is getting too narrow and helpful/correct answers cannot be indicated.


      Kind regards,


  • Hi,

    I am new to SAP B2B adapter and till now not got a chance to do any handson but have a question in Mind. We have split997 adapter from seeburger, what is the alternative available in SAP B2B adapter to use it. I am looking after migrating interface from PI dual stack to PO single stack.




  • Hi Dimitri,


    This is a fantastic blog and it is very helpful.


    I do have a doubt regarding the step 4. Import tpz file to the ESB.

    Does the import of the SWCV from SLD, B2B Tool Kit serve the purpose?

    I mean I don't see any tpz file when I click on Tools ---> Import Design Objects.


    I have actually opened a thread,






    • Hi Harish,


      The TOOLKIT contains the adapter metadata you need in the Integration Directory.

      The MAPPING KIT contains examples you can use or re-use as a basis for your own developments.


      When you import design objects, choose Client to be able to choose files from your local pc and not from the SAP PO server


      Kind regards,


      • HI Dimitri,


        Have you tried to install this addon using SUM .As currently JSPM is no more use we tried to install this addon via SUM but facing issue with stack file


        Could you please share documentation on this using SUM




  • Hi Dimitri,


    Thanks for this wonderful blog, i have followed it through and the adapters are running on my SAP PO 7.4 IDES SP2.


    Kindly pardon my ignorance with following questions; i am just trying to get my hands dirty with EDI scenarios.


    However, i am not very clear with Step 5.1:


    What are we trying to achieve with this import?


    Each time i tried the import with the .zip file, nothing happens, no feedback. Without the import being successful, i still some entries in the table sub-menu? Does it mean they were imported or installed during the initial installation by SUM?


    Are there any tutorials for a novice like me that show end-2-end the config steps to follow when setting up EDI scenarios (e.g. Inbound EDI for PO message, Outbound EDI for Sales Order) especially the ESR steps?. I have been googling for about a week without any success.


    Kindly point me in the right direction; i feel very overwhelmed right now as to where to start from.


    Kind regards,

    • Hi Bakau,


      Step 5.1 is importing the shipped content from SAP.

      All the supported message structures are available for you to use, copy and enhance.


      When you do the import, please have a look at the bottom of the screen. There should be a text message. Also, you need to check the log file, but I do not know the path by heart.


      Kind regards,


      • Hi Dimitri,


        Thanks for the response, really appreciate.


        I still need your help with comprehensive tutorials (if there are and you know of any).


        I am kind of stuck at the moment on doing my first end-2-end EDI scenarios; I have configured the outbound EDI  for Purchase Orders (ORDERS05) without hassles for onward delivery to my DEV PI / PO system but i don't know how to do the mapping in ESB and any other activities in IB. I have not seen any blogs that detail the steps to take in ESR.


        I am really counting on you (and other members) valuable supports to get going and forgive me if i appeared to be asking to be spoon fed.





        • Hi Bakau,


          I guess you need a IDOC to EDI mapping.


          IDOC: import from SAP ECC system into SAP PO ESR

          EDI: create an XSD in the B2B Integration Cockpit and import into ESR


          All the objects are just standard SAP PO. Nothing special about it.


          Start with all your ESR components.

          Afterwards, try to create the scenario and revert back (in a separate thread please) in case of problems.


          Kind regards,


  • Hi Dimitri,


    I'm having a hard time to find documentation on how to implement the B2B add-on in a NW 7.4 PO with SUM.  Your post was the most approximate I could find for that, but it's for 731 with JSPM.


    Are the B2B packages, cumulative packages? Do I have to download the installation package and the latest SP or do I have to download all the SP in order to have the latest version?


    I need to install the following components: B2B CONTENT 1.0, B2B DOCUMENTATION, B2B TOOLKIT 1.0, OFTP and X400 ADAPTER 1.0, XI CONTENT B2B MAPPING KIT 1.0 and XI CONTENT B2B TOOLKIT 1.0.  Any advice or recommendation on how to install the add-ons?


    Best Regards,

    Jesus Rodriguez

  • Hi Dimitri,


    We have a simple s-userid which owned PO licence but can't see B2B package int the marketplace. Does it include in other licencesing options ?





    • Hi Tahir,


      Please verify that with your SAP account manager. When you have a SAP PO license, you must see the B2B add-on and must be able to download it.


      Kind regards


  • Hi Dmitri


    Thanks for the excellent blog.  Our system in on PO 7.4 .  Is there any specific documentation available which tells us the exact patch number of the B2B Component installed in the system .


    Please see the below version from my system.  I am reading this as :


    B2b ADD ON 1.0 SP 04 and patch level 4


    Is my understanding correct .  Thanks in advance.


    PIB2BAS2    1000.
    • Hi,


      Your understanding is correct.

      When you upgrade, please make sure to put all the B2B components on the same SP level.

      Patch level is not that important. Have a look at the release notes for more content details.


      Kind regards,

    • Hi,

      Make sure you have a license for the B2B add-on. This is not included in SAP PI. It is in SAP PO. Once you have your license, you can download the software with the S-user , linked to a system where the license applies.

      Kind regards,

    • Hi,

      Just download the software and deploy it. This can be done telnet, but perhaps SUM is more suitable. Check with your BC team.

      Kind regards, Dimitri

  • Dear Expert:

    For some issue, we need remove some EDI content before installed. I search SAP forum but no body has same issue. Could you have any idea? Thanks for your suggestion.