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Another SAP CodeJam at bridgingIT – this time in Frankfurt about ABAP and HANA

After hosting two very cool SAP CodeJams in Stuttgart this February and last year in August, we spread the SAP CodeJam around another bridgingIT location: we will host our next SAP CodeJam on the 18th October 2013 in our Frankfurt office. This time the topic will be ABAP and HANA.

As I’m an ABAP developer, I’m personally really looking forward to this event. Not only because of the possibility to meet other ABAP developers and the free food, also to get some insides and hands-on experience how SAP HANA will change the way of application development with ABAP.

Back in February this year on the Technology Days of the German speaking SAP User Group was an ABAP on HANA hands-on session held by Thorsten Schneider. Unfortunately I couldn’t join this event, because it was booked out when I tried to register. So I’m quite happy that I will have the chance to get the hands-on experience combined with experts around in our own office.

SAP-CodeJam@bIT 13kl.jpg

Hard working developers!

Even if your company or customer will not use HANA now or in the coming years, every ABAP developer should know about the impact HANA has on the application development, at least to keep your skills up-to-date. On a SAP system without HANA the developers do not need to care (and often they don’t even know it) on which database system the data are stored. They just use Open SQL to read and store the data. In order to use the full power of HANA this will change completely. The ABAP developers will have to know more about the database and even SQL will become important. Take the chance to start your trip towards the new HANA world and join us at SAP CodeJam Frankfurt. You can register here:

SAP-CodeJam@bIT 30kl.jpg

After the hard work at SAP CodeJam Stuttgart in February

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      • Some visual tools and the generic features of the eclipse framework are really nice to use.

        Still, there are two "no-go"s for me:

        • I understand that no every tool will get a native editor, but a structure-editor is a MUST. At least as long as ABAP itself is structure-based.
        • What I actually did not expect: Performance is crucial. Even the slightest delay while typing gets me frustrated. And it seems that the ABAP editor is still slightly worse with respect to responsiveness than good old se80

        If you get this corrected, the benefits (particularly the quick fixed) outweigh the remaining pitfalls...

        Cheers, Oliver

  • I attended the "SAP CodeJam Stuttgart" in Frankfurt and I have to admit I already love this format: It's like a workshop at TechEd with the benefits of being on-location, open-end and come for free. This is definitively the best way to advertise new technology.

    Thanks for hosting this event, I'll surely join again!