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First day on Global SAP Enterprisse Support Summit 2013 1/2 (update 26/11/2013)

SAP Enterprise Support Summit co-located with Global Run SAP Partner Summit

Hello forum, as requested from twitter stream by SCN forum collages that is only a brief blog post about some interesting thinks that i found today on submit, i only update some comments and some screenshots with own note due that i don’t have enough time to expand it.
Here are a short overview from topics that are news for me:
Part 2/2:
Introduction event:
  • Will be open a new collaboration forum for partners, web run sap parent PRIVATE forums:                    ( updated: 26/11/2013 )
  • Sap Enterprisse Support Value Maps for a new functionality inside Solution manager 7.1 named ES Value Maps
  • Sap landscape optimization New service Release date 2015 for 7.2 ? -> yes, first mention to 7.2 that i see.
Run SAP new certifications:

Beside Run SAP there is a little mention about 2 new certifications:
OCC:      Run sap operations.
ICC:        Run sap integration.
ITL with solman, a correct tool for manage your ITIL services:

ITIL, why only 15 ?  Why PinkVerify only certify that 15 process, beside on Solution Manager can be managed more than 15. Because is a Company restriction, PinkVerify only Certified as to much as 15 process; the key here is that Solution Manager is the single software that certified all that 15 process following as ITIL description 2011 edition.
Usage Rights, what about cost to afford ITIL with solution manager:

Some process certified by Pinkverify are CRM functionality, a customer that don’t have CRM license can use that functionality in solution manager ?(Service catalog, service contracts, service operations ) -> A CRM license will be needed for that customers to allow they for manager that CRM  functionality.
More Information from twitter Streaming:

Twitter Stream for hastag:          #RunSap13
          Twitter Media:
Interesting links that i found trough presentation:
For me a new collabortion forum:
Private forum for run sap partners:
Information from event:
Presentation from ITIL management with solution manager:

See what will be the evolution of alerting infrastructure, from old RZxx options trough solution manager we will pass to a unified interface to be able to see al alerting options together, and of course SAP take in consideration the integration of SAP IT Infrastructure management to integrate as per as future SP12, there is a some mention about the each SP relase from SP10 to SP12 (during 2014) but the dates are not confirmed and can change.
Another new feature from solution manager 7.1 will be the Value Map, as a new guided process to to check managed systems like TQC/CQC, that trough guided steps you can perform a large analysis from each managed system/s. I search trough SMP and SNC but don’t found more information.
I take that photo from David presentation for the message that on ITIL software certification, solution manager is only the one that are fully verified on 15 process with PinkVerify; there are more software verify but not at le last level of ITIL 2011 specifications.
How you can understand the relations about the ITIL process that can be managed from solution Manager, that is a relevant slide for all that would try to use solman for manage ITIL process.

Do you remember the map ITIL process and solman functionalities that I request some weeks ago ?–itil-pink-verified

Here we can know what functionality we have to use, remember that some ones are CRM tools and you need license for it. (that is a leak).

What is the better path to afford the ITIL management with solution manager, step by step will be better that all together 😛
Last slide from great David with the overview of ITIL topics on solution manager, the most important for me are: “one technology to run all your IT process” to get the option for calculate the cost and price of your IT service, and much important the value of all IT department.
I was working trough last month to analyze how is possible to manage how of our customer’s ITIL process, on my work I found that solution manager are fully meaningful to do that, obviously due for the primary focus on ALM management, and with that information on the Global submit that is another time confirmed that with that system we can manage a huge number ( more that 15 ) of ITIL process.
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