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Dear Newbie – Welcome in SCN MM space

Hello Community member

I just saw that you posted your first content in a space on SCN where I am working as a moderator and I want to take this opportunity to guide you a little bit with some links to important content and some additional comments.

First I want to move your attention to our forum rules: The SCN Rules of Engagement

Knowing and following those basic rules can prevent you from getting unnecessary attention of a moderator. I will emphasize on some of them a little later.

Maybe you know already that there is different content in SCN, we have Discussions, Blogs, Documents, Wikis, status updates.

See this document that helps you to know when to create what: The Difference between a Discussion, Blog Post, Document and Wiki

And our  SCN Site Index can help you posting your content in the right space. Another blog explains how to Find Topic Spaces on SCN (Forums)

I recommend that you read first the overview page of a SCN space to know what this space is about, you can sometimes even find a hint about what should be posted in that space. Example: the SCN Support space is meant for issues with SCN, it is not meant as support for all your ABAP issues or MM problems.

Please always search before posting, SCN is 11 years old, most-likely the same question was asked before and you can find an answer easily yourself.

You are not free from searching if you write “I am a fresher” or “Forgive me I am an Abaper” . Anybody has to post according to the rules.

In case you asked a basic or frequently asked question, then you can may see this added to your content:

Moderator message: Basic frequently asked question – Please search forum for answers and read the docu in 

See as well our rules of engagement:

This blog describes how to use the SCN search:

Another good way to search the forum is with google. See this blog with details for a good search

The discussions are not a replacement for proper training

Thread locked

Please follow the links given in above message to learn about how to use the SCN search and the Google search. Knowing how to search and to find content is probably the most important part on your journey with SAP.

Due to the high volume of frequently asked questions, the discussion will be rejected, instead of keeping it with above mentioned sentences, because even such posts appear in the search and do not make the life easier for those who use the search.

In case of rejections you get a Notification in SCN along with an automatic mail. Unfortunately the mail does not show the reason for rejection. The reason can be found in SCN behind the Actions icon on top right in the Notifications tab.

actionsicon.PNG notificationstab.PNG

Try to give good details when asking a question, if you get an error message then post it like it is, best you add as well the message number too. Mention the transaction where you are.  Re-read it before you submit your question, think if this question can be understood from people who do not see your screen Use a spell checker. More tips around asking a good question can be found in this blog: Asking Good Questions in the SCN Discussion Spaces will help you get Good Answers

Be professional when you post, whatever you post, questions, answers, blogs….Big Brother is watching you! And I don’t talk about moderators only. Even employers and headhunters are browsing this forum as it is a public forum.

Now I want emphasize a few parts from the forum rules.


I already mentioned basic and frequently asked questions. It is annoying for anybody to see the same questions everyday and makes even the search uncomfortable, hence make sure you searched before posting.

Please do not post in capital letters. I know you may think it gets more attention as it is different from all other posts, but be sure it especially gets the attention of a moderator who will probably reject the entire discussion.


Please do not ask for urgent help or ASAP, this is a forum, everybodies content is equally important, and nobody is getting paid to answer your questions, almost all are volunteers.

Re-opening old discussions / “I have the same problem”

Please do not reopen old questions,especially not with just “I have the same problem”. This doesn’t tell anything. If the discussion was marked solved, then existing answers should help you too. If not, then it can’t be the same problem. Better create an extra discussion, mention there the old discussion and tell which steps you already tried and why they did not help you. Only this way you can avoid to get the same answers, which is then just a waste of time.

Further think about the status of the discussion. A discussion which is already marked solved does not attract people to answer it again. Don’t forget that you are not the owner of this discussion, but the owner gets email updates for each new reply. This can be very annoying years after his problem was solved. I was already several times contacted to lock the old discussion to avoid that people can add new questions. Contributors of the old discussion do not get updates by mail, so you cannot reach the attention of those contributors if they are not online today.

Before you ask a question to the owner of the discussion, please check the user before adding a reply to him. If you click his name, then you are taken to his profile where you can see when he was last logged in. This can give you an impression if you can expect an answer from him. Don’t do it if the discussion is older than a year and the user was not online recently.

Some more details to this can be read in the blog Dr. Frankenstein – please stop reanimating the dead

Posting links

If you answer a question and you add a link, then explain what the user can find when following the link. “it might be helpful for you” or “I hope this can help you” is not an explanation. Do not post linkfarms. Use Auto title function to make the link readable see Everything I know about… Inserting Links and Table of Contents


Please do not offer points for answering your question, and do not ask for the same. Repeating asking “is your problem solved” in discussions where you contributed can easily be understood as asking for points.

Closing discussions

If you got your answer or you solved it yourself, then you should close the discussion, this blog guides you in this matter: How to close a discussion and why

You can find even more info around getting started if you click the hyperlink with the same name right above the search box here in SCN.

Now I wish you all the best for your time in SCN

Jürgen L


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      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      Knowing how to search and to find content is probably the most important part on your journey with SAP

      This should be on the SCN homepage. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Typewriter TW
      Typewriter TW


      Thanks for this document!

      It could be useful for other forums too e.g. SD.

      One question - How would a new member "locate" this document?

      RoE are at the right of the overview page.

      Is this document as easily visible as the RoE?

      Author's profile photo Jürgen Lins
      Jürgen Lins
      Blog Post Author

      They would usually not find it himself, it is shared by me with new members who reached my attention as a moderator