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Introducing the Mobility Maestro

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Q: So we should begin with the title of your ad from the new SAP Services branding campaign out on the market, what exactly makes you A MOBILITY MAESTRO?

A:  Well… (laughing) although I did not choose this title myself, it definitely sounds like an interesting one. Mobility Maestro is a title that I would like to own someday. Anyways, I have always believed that “to be one, you got to act like one”  – Today, as a ‘Mobility Architect’ and a ‘Practice lead’ within SAP Mobility Practice, I see myself juggling between technologies, customer needs, pre-sales activities, solution designing and development, platform integration, discussing security challenges, user experience and so on. I have been working on the mobility space at SAP for over 3 years now, and I see myself learning new things each day. The on-going experience I gain and my interest in this technology will hopefully make me a mobility maestro of some kind in the future. 

Q: Can you give us some examples of how you help to unlock the power of SAP for your clients?

A:  Mobility use-cases are just so diverse. I have personally had the opportunity to unleash the power of mobility to get business critical information to mobile devices for managers and executives to help them make faster decisions while on the other hand for field workers to run apps that are not only adapted to their roles and processes, but also working offline, so when they go in and out of cellular reception, the synch is properly managed. Compared to my 14+ years of experience on SAP Business Suite thus far, I see mobility as a different ball game. SAP’s position in the mobility space has been very strategic. It is not easy to find a ‘one-size-fits-all’ type of Mobility solution in the market with a combination of flexible development platform, security, device management, bendable UI and above all out-of-the-box ready apps giving customers the flexibility to further tailor it to specific needs. This is where I see SAP bringing in a ‘complete’ mobility solution from an enterprise perspective.

Q: As A MOBILITY MAESTRO do you have any hot-tips or pointers for other consultants at SAP?

A:  Mobility and the newer technologies at SAP like HANA have created a bunch of opportunities for our customers, as much it has for us from a technology perspective within SAP. Now, more than ever is the time to work even closer with our customers; and together, to learn and grow, and to disseminate knowledge within and outside of SAP.


A:  I actually run a “Mobility Collaboration Call” in North America, every Friday to bring various mobility communities within SAP including sales, technology, platform and strategy to have experts in specific areas share their knowledge & experiences. I always have a few new takeaways from each call, and it’s my hope that through collaboration points like this, everyone’s knowledge will rise as well.

Q: What makes you proud about working for SAP Services today?

A:  I’ve seen now first-hand, how great work is recognized, and as a result brings new opportunities. And as our portfolio has broadened so have the opportunities, enabling me to make the jump from business suite to mobile. Beyond this, we have a rich culture, we’re a real global company, and there’s always the opportunity to wear multiple hats. I really enjoy that.

Q: AND OUTSIDE OF WORK… are you “always on,” mobile & 24/7?

A:  I have 2 daughters, and enjoy spending time with my family. And while I do disconnect from work, it’s amazing to see my 6 and 8 year-old’s using a new game on their iPads. They don’t need instructions, and normally can get going within a few minutes on new games. I always keep this usability in mind when designing mobile apps for customers… no instructions required!

Q: What makes you proud about working for SAP Services today?

A:  Given my current role in SAP, I have been wearing multiple hats from delivery manager to mobility architect to practice management to developing mobile apps. And as our portfolio has broadened so have the opportunities, enabling folks like me to transition from business suite to mobility as an example. I love the opportunities we have in hand at SAP to learn from a technology point of view and in terms of growth from a career perspective. Beyond this, we have a rich culture, we’re a real global company, and these are the key things that make me proud about being a member of the SAP family.

Q: AND OUTSIDE OF WORK… are you “always on,” mobile & 24/7?

A:  Outside of work, I revitalize myself with my family. I have learnt a lot about mobility from them especially my 2 daughters. While I do disconnect from work, it’s at times amazing to watch my 6 and 8 year-old’s downloading apps on their iPads and to quickly get going without any help or instructions. I keep this usability in mind during design discussions and would love to see my customers have a similar user experience, to download and run business critical processes from mobile devices without any training or support – The time I spend with my family is very valuable for me…

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