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Condition maintenance: Error VK759 – “Report RV13AXXX could not be generated” when pressing the Condition Information button

The purpose of this blog post is to show how you can analyze and overcome such a problem.

During condition maintenance a syntax error occurs in the corresponding condition info report, that leads to the problem that the report can not be generated.

Some affected reports: RV13ANAA, RV13ANAB, RV13ANAC, RV13ANAD, RV13ANAE, RV13ANAF, RV13ANAG, RV13AAEA, RV13ANBT, etc…


1. Enter a condition in transaction VK11 / VK12 / VK13
2. Click on button ‘Condition Information’

As a result the following error is shown:

– System error: Report RV13AAEA could not be generated (Message no. VK759)
– Report RV13AAEA has a syntax error (Message no. VK806)


To see which condition table is affected it is necessary to carry out a syntax check in the mentioned report (In this case RV13AAEA).

As you can see the syntax error is caused by the non-existing field KBSTAT in condition table A385.


The problem is usually due to an inconsistency in the access sequence. To get to know which access sequence is assigned to the condition type (8PR0) you need to open transaction V/06.

To see which access of this access sequence uses the condition table A385 you need to open transaction V/07.


The corresponding access (90) contains the field KBSTAT, however this field is not part of the table A385.

This is the root cause of the problem.




SAP Note 902296 describes how such an inconsistency can occur. It provides a source code correction that prevents the system from such an error in the future.

– The incorrect access has to be deleted from the access sequence.
– Then the access sequence has to be saved.
– After these steps you can re enter the previously deleted access with the correct fields.

Make sure you navigate to the field level when entering the new access.

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