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Don’t get jammed when you find the not authroised message There is trick to crack this,exercise caution however!


SE37 tcode –Function Module


Click display and ctrl+F for sy-subrcand place a break point


Now go back to easy access and execute STMS tcode


Change the value from 4 to 0



Click the pencil and edit  4 to 0


Hit F8 execute and wear a smile on your face TCODE is authorised


You are tempted to ask what if SE37 tcode –Function Module access is not available, he could smell it coming

Note 587410 – Test environment: Activity 16 (Execute) in S_DEVELOP

No Worries


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  1. Damian Reiner

    This function is only possible if you have debug authorizations 😉

    If your authorization admin has done his work well you don´t have authorizations for debugging 😉



    1. Damian Reiner

      No, if you go in coding of FM – C160_TRANSACTION_CALL you can see that the t-code which you want to open with the FM will be checked within your authorizations 😉



  2. Former Member

    obviously this does not work with all t codes. i am trying to figure out what is that perticular thing which is called whenever we execute some t code and checks whether we are authorized to do that or not.


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