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Important information for SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence customers – review before Sept. 8

There is an important update that we would like to share with you that, if acted on quickly, will avoid a potential issue for your end users.

**PLEASE NOTE – this does not affect ALL product versions**

Beginning on September 8, 2013, a Java Runtime certificate will expire, causing a warning message to appear on end user screens prior to them being able to run their SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence reports. In most cases, users can either click through this warning or change some security settings and run the reports as usual.

In order to understand and address this issue, we have compiled information on the SAP Support Portal here:

This document provides you with the information you need and links to patches that may be required. If you do this before the Java certificate expires, you will avoid having the warning message appear for your users.

Here are some resources for additional information on this issue and future product/support updates:

Feel free to post your questions to this blog as well. We want to make sure your concerns are addressed.

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  • Thanks for your article.

    But SAP has communicated very late on this issue. There are a ton of discussion at my client to check what we will do.

    SAP advises to install a patch but we cannot apply it so quickly on our production.

    Why they cannot provide just the WebI Jars signed with a new certificate ? It would be much simpler for their customers.

  • Hm... My customer wondered why nothing happend yesterday - had no problems - but should have had -  according to the informations spread. - And I am also waiting for the dark data Lord to show himself, could not find any problems: Stll on SP7 - without any Patch. Clientjava is 1.7.0. 25 b17. Do we have to keep under cover till the Lord decides to strike? 😉

    Wobi, wondering

    • Issue is only when the WebI *Applet* is used to create / modify a report. If you just do views of WebI, you will not noticed the issue.

      The issue depends also of Windows / Java security settings. For us, we have seen different behaviors with more secured hosts.

      Hope this helps

      • /
        • Hi Wolfgang,

          This is one of the warnings you may see in Bi4.0 when launching the applet, however as you note, you are able to click past the warning and create/modify reports without any problem.

          (Note the warnings and messages seen may be different depending on JRE version used etc.)

          One you install the hotfix or Patch with the updated certificate, this message should no longer appear.


          • I assume that some server component has to be restarted to check that the certifikate is outdated. At least I got a java message only after a tomcat restart on my testserver. That may explain why some customers did not experience any problem directly at the out-date 😉 - Since my Server java plugin was not the newest I could  click and work. - so still lucky at my testside..


    • Hi John,

      Since XI R2 is no longer supported, no updates to the certificate were made there.

      Note that the certificate issue mentioned here affects launching the Java Report Panel to edit / create reports. If you are at a point where you have the report open, but cannot save them, it may be a different problem altogether.


    • There may be a "certificate expired" issue somewhere (perhaps at the application server level), just not at the Webi Java Report Panel java applet level (that this blog discusses).

      If it is not a certificate expiring issue, there could be some other SSL problem that needs to be looked at.