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Customizing Access Control Screens

A common need for many companies is to customize access request and approval ABAP Web Dynpro screens of 10.0 and 10.1based on the business requirements. Though the IMG customizing in SAP GRC access control provides some alternative to accomplish this, there is another Web Dynpro feature which can be utilized to do additional screen modifications without any additional coding effort for all the users.

Below steps would explain it for access request submission and approval screen:-

Access Request Submission

1. Go to Transaction SE80 and Open package GRAC_ACCESS_REQUEST.


2.  Drill down to Web Dynpro->Web Dynpro Application


3. Select the application GRAC_OIF_REQUEST_SUBMISSION and double click


4. From the menu choose Web Dynpro Application-> Test -> In Browser – Admin Mode


5. Hiding Field/Tab

       i. Place the cursor at the field or the tab that needs to be customized and right click and choose ‘Settings for Current Configuration’.


ii. Change the Visibility property to ‘Invisible’. Save and Close.



6. Customizing ALV


i. Place the cursor at the ALV to be customized e.g. ALV under User Access tab and right click and choose ‘Settings for Current Configuration’.


ii. Add/Remove columns, change sequence etc. Save and Close


8. Above steps can also be done for other UI elements present on pop ups that open through access request submission screen like: Existing Assignments etc.

7. Launch the access request submission through NWBC to see the effects


Access Request Approval

Modifying access request approval screen is little tricky as it requires as GUID to be passed externally in the URL, apart from that the other steps are similar to access request submission explained above.

1. Go to Transaction SE16 and Enter table name as GRACREQ, enter any request number in REQNO field.


2. Click execute button and copy the value of field REQ_ID


3. Select the application GRAC_OIF_REQUEST_APPROVAL and double click


4. From the menu choose Web Dynpro Application-> Test -> In Browser – Admin Mode


5. Below dump screen will be launched initially.


6. Append the string &OBJECT_ID=ACCREQ/<REQ_ID copied in step 2> e.g. &OBJECT_ID=ACCREQ/4CC001105B2A42DCE10000000A421B2B in the URL displayed in Step 5. Approval screen should be launched correctly after that.


7. Customize the UI similar to how it was done for access request submission screen.

The above process can be done for any Web Dynpro application. To find the Web Dynpro application name, right click on any ABAP Web Dynpro screen and choose option More Field Help.


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