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10 steps to develop SUP101 Android Native application [Part II]

How to Access/Read Android Device side database


Part I: A simple Android Native Application Development


In this second part, i would like to discuss how we can access client side data (for android devices).


Here i am assuming application has been loaded to the android device already.


  • Go to Window>Open Perspective>Other


    • Open DDMS Perspective




  • Go to File Explorer tab under DDMS. On the left hand side you will see Android emulator is up and running. On right hand side a list of folders, files related to the same emulator are listed.





  • Go to data>data>Package Name (
  • Under package folder you will one.ulj (SUP1011_0.ulj) file.


Usually for all android app, database files are present in form of .db file.Here i am surprised i didnt see any database .db file under databases folder in package folder.


  • Just pull this file by selecting it and click on Pull a File from the device icon. You can keep this file anywhere. i.e. desktop



  • Rename .ulj extension with .udb


  • Next and important task is to open this udb file. Navigate to below path




look for scjview.exe





  •   Open it.


for more details check


I hope it will solve the problem for accessing device side data for android devices.

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.



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