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Research and Development Analysis

Hi Experts,

In this challenge, I want to show an analysis related with research and development stuff. Since I think this is quite interesting and we also being part of it.. 😘 .. First of all, I install SAP Predictive Analysis. After that, thanks to, I downloaded the data from this link.

The first thing I need to do is to upload the data into SAP Predictive Analysis, where later on, we will do some analysis using this data (I filtered out some countries, make them as global filter). In this case, I use *.csv format.

Data Source.png

I use scatter chart to analyse Research and Development Expenditure by Country Name and Country Code. Here we can have information about how much expenditure was spent in the past 3 years (2008, 2009, and 2010).

R&D Expenditure.png

How big was Research and Development Expenditure spent by each country can also be analysed using geographic chart. Therefore we just point out our mouse to a certain country, and the value will be shown.

R&D Expenditure-map.png

3D Column chart help us to analyse which country contributes the most in High-technology exports (current US$) aspect. If we point out our mouse to the tallest chart, we can see that China is always leading in this area… 🙂 …

High Tech Export.png

Number of researchers who are involved in Research and Development over the past 5 years is analysed using combination of Column and Line chart. Here we can see that Finland seems to be the leader in this category… 😎 …

Researchers in R&D.png

Pie Chart helps me to do a comparison about how many Scientific and Technical Journal Articles have been published between countries in Asia and outside Asia. From this chart, we can see that in Asia countries China sits in the first place, while in countries other than Asia, United States is the king.

Journal Article.png

Overall, Predictive Analysis can help us a lot in analyzing raw data. It can help us to do analysis and prediction by translating numbers in raw data, making it into a user-friendly chart, which makes us easier to see and understand these numbers. So last but not least, I want to say that using Predictive Analysis, numbers mean everything… 😎 …hope this blog is useful. Thank you.


~ metha ~

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