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Printing format changes to from “X_65_132” to “X_65_80” in T-code: FNRA after upgrading to ERP 6.0

When you print the log of T-code: FNRA after upgrading to SAP ERP 6.0, the printing format changed from “X_65_132” to “X_65_80” after upgrade. Due to this, some columns are missing when print it out. This is due to standard design change by SAP Note 1102694.

  There are two possible methods to resolve this.

  1. Change print format from “X_65_80” to “X_65_132” manually in print properties settings. 
  2. Use report RSPRIPARADMIN to make the changes for all user.
    T-code: SE38
    ->Input report name: RSPRIPARADMIN and execute.
        ->Input report name: RFVDABG0 and format: X_65_132.
            ->Press “Copy” radio button.
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