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All about SAP BW 7.3 & SAP BI 4.0 Certification

I have recently completed my Associate level certification in SAP BW 7.3 & SAP BI 4.0 and would like to share my experience with all those interested in getting certified.

Disclaimer: Each exam is different and the weightage, complexity quoted here is for general understanding for those aspiring to get certified and it may vary in the actual exam. These are just my thoughts and there is no guarantee that you will have a similar exam.

C_TBW55_73 is the certification offered by SAP to test the knowledge in the area of Business Intelligence. It verifies knowledge in modelling as well as data management with SAP BW 7.3 and BI 4.0.

Duration of the exam is 180 minutes and the minimum score required to clear is 68% (it may vary). It is divided into 10 sections spanning across BW & BI with BW having maximum weightage around 70 – 75% and BI around 25 – 30%. Below is the deep dive into the sections, topics in the descending order of weightage.

1)    InfoProviders – 20 – 25%

2)    Data Modelling – 10 – 12%

3)    Reporting Tools – 10 – 12%

4)    Administration & Performance – 10%

5)    Data Flows – 10%

6)    Source Systems – 10%

7)    Fundamentals – 8 – 9%

8)    BI Platform – 7 – 8%

9)    BODS – 6 – 7%

10)  InfoObjects – 5%

Out of the 10 sections listed above, challenging and in depth questions which tests your understanding of the concepts as well as the practical experience (hands on) are from the below sections (in the descending order of complexity):

  1.    Administration & Performance
  2.    InfoProviders
  3.    Data Modelling
  4.    Data Flows

Books required for these sections: BW310 (Units 3, 4, 6, 8 and 9) & BW330 (Units 5 to 9). Practical knowledge is highly recommended.

Most of the questions are scenario based and requires understanding of the concepts, not just definitions. Main focus is on InfoCubes, DSOs, MultiProviders, InfoSets and Master Data Characteristics. It is recommended to have a thorough understanding about each and every detail to ensure success in these areas as they cover at least 50% of the overall weightage.

Easy and straight forward questions are from the sections listed below:

  1.    BI Platform
  2.    BODS
  3.    Reporting Tools
  4.    Fundamentals
  5.   Source Systems
  6.    InfoObjects

Books required for these sections: BO100, BOE315, BODS, BW310 (Units 1, 2, 5 and 7), BW330 (Units 1, 2, 4, 10 & 11) and BW350 (Units 1 to 7 and 10). Questions on these sections verify the basic understanding such as use cases, connectivity options for various BOBJ reporting tools etc. and are straight forward.

Overall, here is the quick summary:

  1. Level of difficulty greatly depends on ones efforts towards the preparation
  2. For those new to SAP BW, read every detail in the books BW310 & BW330, do not skip any topics and  practise your exercises
  3. For those who are already working in earlier versions of SAP BW aiming to get certified in BW 7.3 & BI 4.0 books, is a good alternative to the latest books. It is a great source of learning.
  4. Visit SCN for examples and detailed explanation of topics which you need more information

Additional resources:–modeling-and-data-management-with-sap-bw-73–sap-bi-40-g/topic-areas/

I hope this helps and feel free to contact if you need more information.

Enjoy learning and Good luck with your Certification!


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  • Hi Hema ,

    Thanks for the information it's really v helpful .

    I am also preparing for the certification but not able get books related with BO BO100, BOE315, BODS, BW310 and BW350 . Can you suggest how can I prepare for the BODS part .

    Thanks in advance .



    • Hello Neha,

      You can find bunch of SAP BODS material at the below url:

      Some of the important topics you should focus on - Data Services Architecture, Source and Target Metadata, Transforms, Troubleshooting, Functions, Scripts and variables, Error handling, Change Data capture and Text processing..

      Again, please check the SAP certification site for the changes in the topics. Hope this helps!

  • Congrats and Thanks a lot Hema!

    I am planning to do certification in SAP BW 7.3 & SAP BI 4.0 Certification, associate level where can i get the course material (BW310, BW330, BO100, BOE315, BODS, BW310, BW330, BW350

    Please give some more information about the certification material

  • hi hema,

                       Thanks , as such persional experience are very precious to complete the certificatiobn.


    Praveen kumar                

  • Hi Hema,

    Many thanks for the important information. Can you please suggest where I can get the above mentioned PDF's. I had been searching whole day yesterday but all in vain.

    Would you be able to guide please.

    Many thanks,


  • Hi Hema,

    I found BW310 and BW350 and 315 but they are quite old from 2006 version. do you think they will help me or I should find the latest version. please advice which is version I should be looking for

    many thanks,

    • Hello,

      Yes version 2006 is pretty old. But you can still use it to get some understanding of the basic concepts and top it up with for the latest features.

      I suggest you to follow if you donot have latest books. Thats an excellent source of learning.



    • Hello Satya,

      Technically, there is no "Big" difference between SAP BI7.0 and SAP BW7.3..  However, there is a huge difference in the two versions of the exam (C_TBW45_70 and C_TBW55_73).

      The latest certification also tests your knowledge on SAP BI 4.0 (SAP Business Objects Reporting Tools, BI Platform, BODS) and it doesn't test on Business Explorer Suite (BEx Tools) and Integrated Planning.

      In my opinion, if you have choice it is always better to go for the latest version of certification available. Since you already know and have worked on SAP BI 7.0, you can easily achieve this with a little effort. All you need to do is to learn the new concepts/features of SAP BW 7.3 and SAP BI 4.0...  You have tonnes of material/videos available for SAP BI 4.0 on scn..

      Hope this helps and All the Best!



      • Hi Hema

        It was very informative, and my doubt is totally cleared. I am going to give my exam on February (that's only slot left) in the same certification that you had gave. May i know about the qualifying percentage, and is it only aggregate percentage or each topic percentage they take into account to qualify anybody?

        Hoping for the answer



        • Hi Satya,

          Hope you are doing well.

          I am also writing this exam in January but I didn't manage to find the latest material for the exam. I do have the older version but Hema advised that it is very old. Would you be kind enough to help me with the material please. Can you please drop me an email @ Really appreciate your help

          Many thanks


        • Hello Satya,

          Pass criteria is 68%.  Each question if answered correctly would give u 1 point.. And the total no of questions are 80.. So, for ex: if you answer 72 questions correctly out of 80.. it means you have scored 72 points out of 80 and your percentage would be 90%. 

          There is no minimum score required for each each section.. That means, as long as your overall percentage is above the required (68%) , they don't care if you have scored 50% in one section and 100% in the other section... 

          Hope this helps!



  • Hello Hema,

    You mentioned that most of the questions are scenario-based. What does this mean exactly?

    For example, you have a summarized business case/situation and a question requiring to think in the context of it (and not a directly stated question)?


  • In the BW330 course some topics, such as non-cumulative key figures, are marked as optional. Are there questions on the exam from optional topics as well?

    Thanks and Regards

    • No, you can skip optional topics for the Certification.  But those concepts are really useful to understand/apply in the practical world (on the job). So I suggest you to give at least one quick reading for overall understanding of the concepts.



  • Hello,

    thank you for all the details you gave us, they are very useful!!

    I have one question, though.. Did you have any questions from BOID10 ( the Information Design Tool). It is mentioned here at Describe Data Modeling:

    but you didn't write anything about it.

    Thanks in advance,

    Andreea D

    • Hi Hema,

      Thanks a lot for the blog, but can you please give a reply to the query from Diaconu Andreea Catalina, even I have the same doubt.

      This blog might be quite old, but by far I believe this webpage gives the most about the certification course C_TBW55_73. I plan to take this course this summer, but not sure if there are any changes in this course? and the same preparation would suffice?

      Also team, it would be great if any one of you who have attended this course in recent times can share their experience!

      Thanks in advance!