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Analyzing Smartphone platforms sales per quarter

As part of my participation in How to Join The Data Geek Challenge.

Source of data: – Graph: Gartner: World-Wide Smartphone Sales (Thousands of Units)

All platform sales/quarter since Q1 2007:

smartphone sales per quarter.PNG

smartphone sales per quarter 2.PNG

smartphone sales per quarter 3.PNG

Android is the top selling platform, without any doubt. And in the last quarter, Windows Phone took the third place from Blackberry (RIM).

Top 4 platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry) in relation to the total sales of smartphones:

smartphone sales per quarter 4.PNG

Very easy, fast and fun to generate these graphics with SAP Lumira!

Checking the data we can see that Apple have some peeks every time they announce a new iPhone and that the smartphone business belongs to Android.

The SAP Lumira file is available to download at

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