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Integration Patterns – Part B

Dear SCN forum members,

The key Integration patterns in SAP Implementation are as follows, where SAP PO is the middleware tool.

Pattern – A: Asynchronous call from SAP system to Non-SAP system

Pattern – B: Sync call from SAP system to SAP/Non-SAP system

Pattern – C: Sync and Asynchronous call from SAP to another SAP system

Pattern – D: Sync and Asynchronous call from SAP to external SAP/Non- SAP system

                                                                 Pattern – A:

Pattern A.JPG

                                                                 Pattern – B:

Pattern B.JPG

                                                                 Pattern – C:

Pattern C.JPG

                                                                 Pattern – D:

Pattern D.JPG


Integration Patterns – Part A  :

Integration Patterns – Part A

The goal of the blog is to help users to make aware of the Integration Patterns, recommendations are based on my personal experience in SAP Implementation as an SAP employee and technical architect.The user can follow the suggestions provided by the blog and it should supplement with additional information,the suggestion provided by the blog might vary as per the project requirement.

SAP Help, at, provides official documentation from SAP. It is structured help that is indexed and includes diagrams to illustrate key points. This site is open to the public; no login information is required.

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