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Author's profile photo Tobias Reiner Dolgener

Debugging tips: Error message F5A 190: Enter a business place under “Basic data”

This error message F5A 190 is quite exotic. It occurs in country specific customizing, most popular components are  XX-CSC-KR (Korea), followed by XX-CSC-TW (Taiwan) and XX-CSC-TH (Thailand).


Here as for many error message in SD-Billing area, the problem occurs, when in transaction VF02 the “release to accounting” function is executed:


Analysis procedure

1. Check where the error message is raised

As usual, the first step when analysing error messages, is to find the place in the coding, where the error message is raised. Here in this particular case, the coding place can not be found via transaction SE91, since it is called dynamically, and in the shown example it is a special development introduced by note 582784. With a watchpoint on variables sy-msgid and sy-msgno it is found here:


As can be seen, the error is issued because the business place (field ACCIT_FI-BUPLA) is missing for this account type D (tax).

2. Root cause – why is the message raised?

Looking up before the message is issued, it is evident, that the root cause of the error is the fact that the business place functionality is activated in table IDBUPLA_ACTIVE for this country KZ (Kazakhstan) and the business place is not present in the invoice (field VBRK-BUPLA is empty) and furthermore it is not maintained in the customizing of the plant (field T001-J_1BBRANCH empty). Then the field ACCIT_FI-BUPLA can not be filled:


In effect this leads later in the same FORM to the issueing of the error message.


Usually the business place (VBRK-BUPLA) is filled country specific, when the invoice is created:


Therefore the business place must be maintained for the plant (Field T001W-J_1BBRANCH).

Or it has to be checked, if the country should be really activated for this business place functionality. Then table IDBUPLA_ACTIVE will have to be changed accordingly. This can be done in the customizing implementation guide (transaction SPRO) under the following path:

> Cross-Application Components

  > General Application Functions

   > Place of Business

      * Activate Business Place


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      Author's profile photo Matthew Billingham
      Matthew Billingham

      I strongly recommend that anyone wishing to debug learn to use the "new" (ten years old) debugger, which has richer functionality and is continually being developed with useful features.

      For example, since 7.30, you can look at internal tables inside an ALV, so you can sort, filter, search etc.

      Author's profile photo Hai Tran
      Hai Tran

      If you don't need to get the mandatory field for Business place, better to follow the note 582784 - Change Message Control for Business Place


      Author's profile photo Tobias Reiner Dolgener
      Tobias Reiner Dolgener
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Hai Tran,

      thank you for your suggestion!

      Yes, in the message control (transaction SPRO:

      Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global Settings ->   

      Tax on Sales/Purchases -> Basic Settings -> Change Message Control   

      for Taxes) the error message F5A 190 could be changed to warning.

      However if you do this, a pop-up appears, that this is an SAP standard error message and such a change should not be done. Disadvantage of this procedure would be also, that after every upgrade the modification of the message control will be reversed.

      I would  not recommend to change the error message. Since either the error should really appear (for country specific taxation), or the customizing settings are incorrect as I have indicated in the blog above.

      Best regards,