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Data Geek Challenge: Analyzing Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Pakistan Using SAP Lumira

                          “Every Cancer patient has to die so why are you wasting money to construct hospital for them”.

        This was one of the first remarks given to the person who wanted to build the first Cancer hospital in Pakistan. This man had passed through the terrible misfortune of having to witness the suffering of his beloved mother ‘Shaukat Khanum’ who died from cancer and now he wanted to give relief to his poor nation fellows. His name was Imran khan the legendary captain of Pakistan’s World Cup-Winning Cricket team.

        Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC) is a state-of-the-art cancer center located in Lahore, Pakistan. It is a project of the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust, which is a charitable organization established under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 of Pakistan. The institution is the brainchild of Pakistani cricket superstar, Imran Khan. The inspiration came after the death of his mother, Mrs. Shaukat Khanum, from cancer.

        I was in search of data to use for Data Geek Challenge but was not able to decide what is good to do analysis at that point I saw a baby boy picture named Hassan on Facebook who was suffering from cancer and saying “I just want to grow up.” He is now under treatment so form there I got clue to get data of SKMH because they are helping the humanity and curing the suffering poor people. This was the Picture 🙁 .


        I get this data from SKMH website I organized the data into excel sheet and column (0-4)Year,(5-9) Year,——–, (80-84)Year and 85+ are for different age group people register at Shaukat khanum Memorial Hospital from 1994 to 2012 as cancer patient suffering from different type of cancers.


        To do analysis on SAP Lumira first I install it. This is the first screen I get after opening SAP Lumira. Now I have to do analysis on my excel sheet which I had already prepared so I clicked New Document button at the top left corner.


        Now the window for source selection is opened. There are different options available from where we can get data into SAP lumira and then do analysis on it. The source may be SAP Hana, Universes, Freehand SQL and MS Excel as in my case so I double clicked MS Excel.


       Now the next screen pop up and here I select browse button to pick my file from the system.



        Now good to see SAP Lumira pick data and organized it in columns. Now I checked it and clicked the Acquire button.SKMH7.png

          And now finally data is shown in SAP Lumira. The good thing to see is that it automatically detect the measures, Time and geography.


         Now just I have to click show to verify if I want to remove some one and then have to click Enrich button. I don’t need to create them manually it is auto done very nice feature. But we can create them manually as well to full fill our other further analysis needs.


       My data is ready now and I can play with it and do interactive analysis. I clicked Visualize Button to do analysis on it.


         Now we will analyze the above data from 3 different angles like Age Wise, Province Wise and Gender Wise. During analysis if medical terminologies bother you then don’t confuse it is SAP Lumira who get this information from raw data really amazing.

1. Age Wise Analysis:

This Chart is Scatters Plot for different cancer types in kids between 0 – 9 year age group. Between birth to 4 year of child show eye and  kidney and other urinary organ cancer while from birth to 9 year age Lymphoid Leukemia is the common one. During 5 to 9 year tendency of Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma increases.


        Line Chart to show trend of cancer type in age group 10 – 29.  From age of 15 Breast Cancer trend is increasing very fast in females as shown in below graph. Hodgkin’s lymphoma the most common in child propensity decreases as you grow up. Bone & articular cartilage cancer increase inclination in age of 15 to 19 and then after it decreases.


         Cancer’s Tree Map to show cancer Trend in Age of 30 – 39 Year. In this age group Female breast Cancer is at its peak. In Females 30 to 50 age group is showing highest tendency of breast cancer. We should spread awareness to get rid of it in time otherwise it can be life threatening.


        Cancer’s Pie Chart Between ages of 40 to 49. Pie chart shows the same as explained above. During 1994 to 2012 cancer treated patients between this age group was 10664 out of this 36.12% were breast Cancer patients, 5.09% is non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, 2.6% is brain, 3.14% is ovary and 2.36% tongue.


     Cancer between age group 30 – 59 Year using Combined Column line chart. Liver and intrahep. B.D is the second largest in age of 30 to 59. Urinary Bladder, Ovary and Pancreas Cancer is also in high rate.


       Radar Chart to show 30 to 49 Year age group Cancer trend according to SKMH data from 1994 to 2012. Non-hodgkin’s lymphoma is the thrid common after breast and liver cancer in above age group.


        Cancer’s Donut Chart for Age Group between 60 to 69. In old age prostate, Bronchus, lungs and urinary bladder cancers are also common.


      Stacked Column Chart between age of 70 to 85+. In this age Prostate cancer is at the top and after this breast cancer, lungs cancer and liver cancer are following it.


2. Province – Wise Analysis:

        This is our first graph and it show us the ratio of Cancer’s patients from different part of the country using column chart. Punjab is at first and then khebar Pakhtunkhwa the smallest province have higher tendency of cancer, due to this now SKMH is under construction in Khaber Pakhtunkhwa.


        The same province wise data is now analyzed using Column chart with 2 Y-Axes.


        Province Wise Distribution of Cancer Patients from 1994 to 2012 using Box Chart. After Punjab and kheyber Pakhtunkhwa is sindh in cancer register patients.

3. Gender Wise Cancer:

         Most Common Cancer to girls between ages 20 – 24 year using the Heat Map. In girls bone & articular cartilage and thyroide gland is also common in age between 20 to 24. SAP lumira make me to analysis the huge data with different filters very easily.


        But if we analyze the data between ages 25 – 29 Females then the breast Cancer is the most common one and its ratio is increasing with age and reach to highest between age group 40 to 50.


        Tag Cloud Show us the Most Common type of Cancer between age group 40 – 49.


        SAP Lumira 3D Column Chart for gender wise in age group 0 – 49. It shows that tendencey of cancer is higher in male before age 30 as compared to female but after 30 female cancer ratio increase.


       Gender Wise Cancer Type Trend from age group 20 to 65 using Area Chart.


Contribution of SKMH to Cancer:

          Here at end in table I show you the contribution of Shaukat khanum Memorial hospital and Research center from 1994 to 2012.

Number of Patients
Surgical Operations 57,935
Radiation Therapy 545,179
Pharmacy Distancing 9,085,237
Patient Registered 112,373
Pathology Tests 25,116,532
Outpatient Visits 1,336,458
Imaging Studies 1,298,016
Chemotherapy Treatments 314,331

Now the same data with year wise in SAP Lumira Table.


       SAP Lumira is really interesting and easy to use tool for visual intelligence. We analyzed cancer data from different angles and we reach at conclusion that SAP Lumira give us good insight in data and we can easily predict and for-cost. Here I also want to mention that cancer is really fetal disease but if we spread awareness in our surroundings we can eliminate its risk. Cancer is curable if diagnose at early stage so we should consult our doctors for proper checkup time to time.


Imran Khan made a nation-wide appeal for the collection of funds from a match between Pakistan and India on November 10, 1989 at Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore which raised Rs. 2,902,600. This was followed by a series of more than 50 successful fund raisers held throughout the world. Pakistan’s won under Imran’s captaincy in the 1992 cricket world cup in Melbourne helped fundraising efforts. He was able to collect one and a half million pounds in just six weeks after the World Cup when the same amount had taken 2 years to collect earlier. He donated his entire prize money of 85,000 pounds for the project. In 1994 when the project required more financing for the ongoing construction, Imran Khan launched a mass contact campaign in which he toured 27 cities in the country and collected Rs. 120 million. During the entire campaign for the construction of the hospital, over a million individual donors from ordinary citizens to the rich and famous pitched in. Everything from cash to jewelry and valuables was donated.

Recently, the plans to build the second Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in Peshawar are underway. The construction work for the project has started and the hospital is expected to be functional in about 3 years. Funds are being raised for the cause and the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province has donated 50 Kanals of land for the hospital.

If anyone wants to donate to suffering people of cancer he can directly contact SKMH.


Qayyum Ahsan

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      It's a very sad thing and Good Analysis.



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      Kiran true it is Sad but we must spread awareness regarding cancer to control it on time. Thanks

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      Good Analysis...

      Best Regards,

      Naresh K.

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      Thanks Naresh. 🙂

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      ' MoazzaM '

      Hi Qayyum

      Although I don't know too much about SAP Lumira but I am really glad to see that you have done great efforts. The knowledge you have shared about great man Imran Khan and his efforts to give relief to Pakistani nation is really appreciable. Keep this spirit and be regular contributor here in SCN 🙂


      Author's profile photo Muhammad Qayyum Ahsan
      Muhammad Qayyum Ahsan
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Moazzam for appreciation. 🙂

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      Bashir Ahmad

      Great job buddy, regarding Imran Khan he is really a man of hope.


      Bashir Ahmad