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SAP Hana Cloud Portal – Usage Type: Agility & Digital Marketing


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[SCN NetWeaver Basis Architecture Space] SAP Hana Cloud Portal – Usage Type: Agility & Digital Marketing


SAP Hana Cloud Portal   SAP Hana Cloud Portal   is the name for a cloud-based portal solution that delivers easy

site creation and social consumption at end user level, while leveraging SAP’s differentiating assets: in-memory

computing, business applications and installed base.

Following on from last week’s blog this blog will explore another potential Usage Type for the SAP Hana Cloud Portal

and open the subject for all interested people to discuss

Scenario – Branded Websites for Digital Marketing

From the largest multinational companies, to the smallest firms, all are familiar with using branded websites
for Digital Marketing .

Coca Cola hit the news in April this year with a digital marketing campaign including 61 branded websites   .

For the large companies it has always been a challenge to build such websites within the time to market between
the budget being approved for the campaign and the date of the kick off for the campaign.

Most NetWeaver Basis Architects will be familiar with such a situation when an area of the organisation gets their
budget approved and wants their solution asap.

By the nature of large companies it is common for the hosting, creating and administration of digital marketing
campaign websites to be outsourced to smaller more agile partners.

SAP’s Hana Cloud Portal might just offer SAP Customers an opportunity to bring more of this work in house and SAP
another market.

As described in the SAP Hana Cloud Portal Space, the benefits of the product are:

     . a cloud-based portal solution

     . that delivers easy site creation

     . social consumption at end user level

     . while leveraging SAP’s differentiating assets:


          . in-memory computing

          . business applications and installed base

If SAP’s Product Managers and Sales People, can tap into the right channels, there is an opportunity here
to wean SAP Customers off external suppliers for the hosting, creation and administration of digital marketing
campaign websites and bring that work back in-house and onto the SAP platform.

From the NetWeaver Basis side, it doesn’t take a large stretch of the imagination to see the NetWeaver Basis
Team administering the sites in cooperation and collaboration with the Corporate Communications and Marketing
divisions of the companies.

SAP just needs to get the C level Marketing, Finance, and IT executives around the table and demonstrate
the business case and return on investment.

Then us Basis folk can do the rest in cooperation with the Marketing colleagues.

SAP, what about leading by example, and using the SAP Hana Cloud Portal for SAP’s digital marketing ?

All the best,


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Andy,

      Another use for the portal. 😆 I think you may have to bring a series called '1001 uses for the Portal'. It's a brilliant concept. Why try to cobble together all the bits and bobs? When you can just expose your portal to the Cloud, have a Cloud portal or the Internet. However I thought with the Hana Cloud Portal (not sure if I have the name correctly) one of the main advantages was easy site creation for branding. If I am wrong, feel free to correct me.

      Though the question remains. Who will embrace this?