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SAP Note 1736976 – Sizing Report for BW on HANA – Interpreting “incl. dyn” ?


what’s behind the “incl. dyn” Column of the Sizeing Report  /SDF/HANA_BW_SIZING

(see bellow) ?

What does dyn. dynamic mean within this ? What dynamic is adressed with the figure

SIZING DETAILS                                                               



(For 1024 GB node)     data [GB]     total [GB]     total [GB]              

                                                     incl. dyn.     (non-act.)              




  Row Store                   195            295            295              

  Master Column Store   270            540            540              

  Caches / Services         50             50             50              

  TOTAL (MASTER)       515            885            885              





  Slave  Column Store        1890           3729              3678              

  Caches / Services             250            250               250              

  TOTAL (SLAVES)             2140           3979            3928              


  TOTAL (All Servers)        2655           4864           4813              

SAP_BW_on_HANA_Sizing_Report_V1_4.pdf isn’t to clear with this:

Minimum amount of required memory and disk space for HANA
server (including runtime memory, memory for additional services, etc.),

considering different hardware configurations

Thank You



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  • Hi Martin,

    According to the sizing report (version 1.8 is the most recent), the second column refers to the data, (dynamic) runtime objects, and services. The third column excludes non-active data (hence non-act).

    Also, just to point out: you created a document here, which isn't the best format for a discussion. In future, you could create a discussion instead.

    I hope this helps,