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My First Corporate Seminar

Hello SAP World!! 🙂

                             It has been quite some time for me in SAP BW/BI area. I work for an Automotive dealer. It is one of the biggest organization in Gulf. We have 65 various departments in our organization. IT dept is one of them. SAP BW has been implemented in Service dept alone.

                            We have something like, everyone has to give “Seminar” on our own topic on a rolling basis. We have various sub groups in our IT dept itself. One one fine day, my turn came 😯 . It was in Oct 2012. Initially, I was thinking just to take some general topic and finish this headache task. In the course of my dilemma, I realized to give Seminar on my own subject. My intention was to make everybody understand “What our BW Team does for this organization? “ ℹ

I was thinking “Day & Night” about the effective delivery of my seminar.

                           I have started making my PPT with our company building picture and I have written “Enterprise Business Warehouse” over our building. The reason behind this, I wanted to show them BW can be implemented across the Organization which can show reports of all modules like SD, MM, HR, PP etc., I covered all major areas in terms of technical aspects by giving instances about our other depts. It was like marketing SAP product to the other depts.


                            Finally the big day had come. I was fully prepared previous night, tried some mock drills about on “How to Start the seminar” etc., My only objective was to deliver “What all BW Can do for an Organization?” in an effective manner. I reached the auditorium first and I was standing on the stage with my hands shivering and feeling nervous inside. 😥 All the invitees have come and occupied their seats.


                            I have started my presentation with my “Company Building”. The people were surprised 😯 to see our company on a big screen and started paying attention to me. After passing some 15 Mins, I was thirsty like anything as I was giving presentation with a louder voice. I was in huge problem, but wanted to finish the seminar as per my expectations. Otherwise, all my dreams would go to drain. Then I picked up again and continued through my seminar and I forgot my thirsty problem. I finished my seminar before 15 mins of my scheduled 1 hour. I got couple of questions from the audience and I answered them confidently. I got huge response from all the invitees and they appreciated me.

                           Some of the best compliments were “Today, I came to know What is meant by SAP BW” 🙂 , “There is so much in BW” 🙂 , “You guys(BW Team) doing great job 🙂 ” etc.,

                           Finally, i say one thing. “If you can dream, you can achieve it” 😆 😆 🙂

Thanks for your patience to read my blog.

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