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Local client copy


you want to copy the users and required data from a customized client

to a new client


To perform a local client copy we must first create a new logical system and

Create a new client




Creating a logical system

to t-code SALE

on >>Basic settings >>logical systems >>define logical
system(refer screenshot below)


Then enter the change mode

Click on >>new entries


The following screen appears

Give the name with the following naming convention



And save

Once the logical system is created.

We need to create a new client.

Creation of new client

To create a new client

Go to t-code SCC4

And following screen appears


Click on edit, the following screen appears


Click ok..


Then Click on>> new entries (appears on top left of

And give the desired values as shown in the figure below.

Enter the logical system which was created earlier. You can
select it from the dropdown list also.


Click on save.

Thus a new client is created.


We can now proceed with the local client copy

Local client copy

To perform the local client copy, first we need to login into the target client( i,e newly created client)

logging in to the new client :-

you may use the following credentials to login into the newly created client.

user = sap*

password = pass

if you are unsuccessful,

then please change the parameter “login/no_automatic_user_sapstar” = 0  in default profile and try logging in again with above credentials.

Enter transaction SCCL

The following screen appears



Enter the option depending on the requirement




Continue by pressing schedule job


press continue.

once the copy is started, you can now check the logs in scc3


End of

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  1. Former Member

    Nicely presented Naga.

    Also as an add on info, before logging in to the new client :-

    Please set login/no_automatic_user_sapstar = 0 parameter in default profile so that we can login ino the new client with sap* and password as pass.



  2. Former Member

    Hi Buddy,

    Just a suggestion:

    Pre-requisites –

    1. You need to monitor Log area continuously else Client copy will be failed once it is full.

    2. Also take care of Temp Table space if you are working in Oracle Database.

    Enjoy Posting


    Mukesh Khamparia

        1. Former Member Post author

          Hello Juan,

          It did not sound logical but thats true.

          your comment “Generic” is agreed

          and many thanks for adding an advantage to the viewers.

          Best Regards,


        2. Former Member

          Hi Juan,

          Can you provide a word document copy of NOTE 644516-INFORMATION: COMPLETE CLIENT COPY. i’m new to SAP, i don’t have access to market place, as i currently i’m only learning and do not have job with SAP. thanks for your kind support.


  3. Former Member

    HI Naga,

    Nice document, but it is not discourage you. Why I need to create SALE for local client copy. It require only for Remote client copy

  4. Former Member

    I cannot believe that this blog was written in year 2013.

    This kind of blog should have been written in year like 2003, we teach client copy to the person in first week who joins Basis.

    Blog on SCCL?

  5. Former Member

    Hi Naga,


    Nice document one more thing when you are scheduled this job in Background some time it will prompt you RFC wizard as bellow.

    then we have to set again current password test the connection and continue the process.




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