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Author's profile photo Gaurang Gujar

Workflow Administartive Tool

Applies to:

SAP NetWeaver 2004s, mySAP ERP 2005

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Gaurang Gujar, Capgemini ,  Consultant , Appsone.


Most of company has SAP workflow Implemented and they have their support going on.

MNC’s hire a couple of SAP workflow consultant doing the administrative part of workflow

  1. i.e. Forwarding the work item to another user, Checking out if work item exist with another user.

Forwarding the outstanding work item of a user to another user reason being the existing user is terminated or  reassigned etc.

Most of this administrative work can be done through standard SAP Transaction like SWIA, SWELS, SWEL,


Basically such tasks are adminstritative and mechanical and distributed over various transactions in SAP.

So I thought of a concept why not make this available at a single place and make it simple that even user can do this stuff ,bringing incidents and support down to a large scale.

This thought encouraged me to build a small utility tool which is as below.


This tool is based on Excel and RFC technology

Features of this tool

As a part of Logon you need to enter Your Server Client Username and Password in Row1

All the Fields in White and Brown are Editable.

Since most workflows I dealt with were HR related I have unique field PERNR (Employee ID) as Key Field.

The workflows I dealt with were Hire, Termination, Org reassignment and Change in Position so this process

happens once in day i.e.  Employee is Hired/Terminated once in day.

So I choose Employee, Start date of the Process and Workflow Description as Input Parameters for my Dashboard.


Given The Parameters click on get work item it calls RFC’s in the Backend to get the root node and dependent nodes and the recipients of the work item. If the workflow is error it gives a message workflow is error. Once data is corrected the workflow

Can be restarted by clicking on the Button (Restart the workflow).

Below are list of Buttons which are functionality I thought of adding to the Tool.


Let’s Discuss each functionality in Detail

·         Get Workitem: – This will get the Root Node ID of the workflow in Workflows ID field and the current ready work item ID in work item field. . It will also give you the current recipients of the work item If the workflow is Error it gives a Pop up Message about the Error State of workflow.


     Screenshot_4.png  Screenshot_5.png

·         Forward: – It needs to be used after Get Workitem, Once it is pressed the Workitem ID in ready status  for given task is populated Workitem ID Field and the Recipients are in Recipients list. If you want forward it to another user Enter the name of User in Forward to Column and Click on forward.

You can verify the work item has been forwarded by Clicking on Get Workitem and checking the Recipient List.


                If you don’t know the user name you can use Don’t know the User Name Sheet to Find the User Name.

                It supports wild card operator “*” as SAP.


·         Restart from Error :- It is used to restart the workflow back from Error (same as SWPR)

Once the data is corrected. (Used after Get Workitem)

·         Continue Workflow: – It is used to continue workflow. (SWPC)

(Used after Get Workitem)

·         Reactivate work item:- It is to be used If the Workitem is reserved and again needs to be re-activated back to ready status. (Used after Get Workitem)

·         Get Users Work list: – It is to be used when you need to fetch the details of work list(UWL) of the user

And the corresponding can be copied to field work item ID. Click on Forward button to forward it to another user.

   Future Plans for the Tool

The tool can be further enhanced to do the analysis on Error if the workflow and change the container value accordingly or change the org structure and so on.

As requested this is now available in WD4A.


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      Author's profile photo Paul Bakker
      Paul Bakker


      That's a nice piece of Excel wizardry, but why would you build a tool like that outside of SAP? As far as I can tell, SWIA can do all of the above and a lot more (eg show the workflow log). So I don't really see the point of building / maintaining a custom tool.

      And what about security: I would be VERY concerned about a (hackable) Excel spreadsheet taking a user's login & password and doing who-knows-what in the system via RFC calls..

      Sorry, I'm just trying to give you some constructive feedback here...



      Author's profile photo Gaurang Gujar
      Gaurang Gujar
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Paul,

      There were 2 reasons behind building this tool

      • Getting all workflow administrative stuff at one place. Yeah I agree SWIA has more capabilities like Logs,change container values lock for execution etc. At the same time to view user's workload one needs to go to SWI5. Similarly SWPR,SWPC  have its own functionality. My intend is to make such stuffs available at one place.
      • Second intend was to make stuff simple for the user where he need to go to

                SWIA and dig down find the status of work item.I believe this tool indeed has a potential to reduce the number of support tickets.

      Regarding the Security I think it should not be problem.It uses SAP Standard Username,

      Password as of credentials.It can be used once a user want to make a call to use desired functionality the excel does not store the credentials. In fact above that you can add layer of security in Excel.



      Author's profile photo Jayaraj Chembra
      Jayaraj Chembra

      Hi Gaurang Gujar ,

      Good thinking and thanks for sharing.

      For better security we can develop a webdynpro application with same functionalities.

      So it will give  user friendly interface for end user to administrate workflows.

      What is your thoughts on the same?



      Author's profile photo Gaurang Gujar
      Gaurang Gujar
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Jayaraj,

      I will soon start working on web dynpro version of the same tool.

      Thanks for your feedback.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Gaurang, this is a very good idea and a tool. As an IT professional it is our job to make the job of an end business user easier. Typically the volume of support tickets in workflow applications are of this nature (forward, reassign work item,etc.) - which you referred to - so this type of tool can be used by the end users to help resolve tickets faster. As far as security in Excel is concerned it can be addressed in some way though can not be eliminated. But this tool can help with analysis of the tickets by end users at least !

      Author's profile photo Nitin K
      Nitin K

      I see the value with such tool. I had a similar application under development, but at very rudimentary phase. Is this application available to all of us in here ?

      Keep up the good work !

      Author's profile photo Gaurang Gujar
      Gaurang Gujar
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Nitin,

      The Webdynpro Application is on project Server.

      Not Sure how to Export it.currently It works For HR Workflow where PERNR is the object Key..I am planning to make it generic only requirement would be to keep the Object Key in the Header Text of the Workflow.

      E.g PO, Document Number etc would be Unique Based on which workflow and corresponding details could be tracked.



      Author's profile photo Perumalraj Karunanidhi
      Perumalraj Karunanidhi

      Very nice piece of work Gaurang.

      Another challenge that I face as workflow administrator is analyzing the workflow logs (especially when analyzing for very large/complex workflows).

      There should be a way we can enhance this as well.