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Time period & Payroll period


There are lots of issues related to time period and payroll period and I find it very useful to put together my experiences and my replies into a document to use as a reference.

2. History

Here you can see some of related discussions which are related to this important issue and in some of them you have my reply.

Almost SAP HCM consultants think time period and payroll periods are the same and it’s definitely 01(monthly period) but totally it’s wrong!

Time period and payroll period are two different concepts but you can keep them same as they are by default(period 01). Time management and it’s related reports and programs work based on time period by payroll works based on payroll period.

Changing time evaluation period effects almost standard reports and final process of time evaluation. For example PT_BAL00 report works based on time evaluation period. system works based on RP-DEF-TIME-PERIOD of table TRMAC. Yes this is time period.

For example if you would have reports of time from 21th to 20th you must define such a period in V_T549R and define the periods of it in V_T549Q. Then you have to put time period, which you have defined in V_T549R into TRMAC as RP-DEF-TIME-PERIOD. The default value is ’01’ and because of this system works monthly base by default.


By changing this macro you should generate almost programs like PT60, PT_BAL00 report and so on. Otherwise they won’t consider the changes.

For this go to source codes of programs, for example it’s RPTIME00 for PT60 and RPTBAL00 for PT_BAL00, and choose “Generate” option from program menu. You can find the program of TCodes from System -> Status… menu.


With reference to my replies at don’t forget to regenerate PT66 (program RPCLSTB2).


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  • Interesting , Omid.

    Personally I just use the Time Period as "01" Monthly, and make it clear that it cannot be changed. Till now haven't come across a compelling need to change the standard Definition of Time Period. But this is always useful to know.

        • Hi Woody.

          Indeed, as I said, I treat this matter as if it is not possible to change the Time Periods. However, there are ways and means to change it subject to the caveats SAP have raised in this OSS note. The effects are potentially far reaching, and it is pretty tedious to implement the changes, so better not done unless under extreme duress. This note too is good to keep for reference, as it lists out clearly the technical basis behind this periodicity.

  • Hi Omid,

    Thank you for very usefull documentation. but i have a question. i already set my time eval (period 25 to 24). and everything run well like report PT_BAL00, PT66, and so on like your documentation.

    but when i check in cluster b2 imported by function IMPRT in payroll schema, data transfer is not working well. Example, i have run time eval for periode 1 jan until 25 feb. with system logic, it will create periode 1 (1 - 24 jan) period 2 (25 jan - 26 feb), but my problem is data in date 25 jan, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 jan is not included in any period. i hope that data is include in period 2. do you have an idea for my problem? thanks before


    Andika Priyadi

    • Hi Andika

      Which pay period start/end dates are you referring to? The IMPRT B2 The import will bring only the time eval results for the current for-period; not for the next one, even if the time eval has been run.

      Is this not happening?

      Regards, JG

  • Iam defining sick leaves from May 2015 till April 2016 For that Iam defining Time periods where would i assign parameter for one particular sick leave could you please let me know

  • I have assigned Period Parameter Still I can see period 01.01.2015 till 31.12.2015 It should be 30.04.2016 according to Time periods defined for sick leave

    Ignore 31.01.2017 I have defined periods till 31.01.2017

    please throw some light on this


    • You are referring here re: an absence quota type's validity period.  It has no relevance to period parameter which is used for payroll period of a payroll area.

      To achieve your requirement, in V_559L  - select validity/deduction periods. 

      Select the required groupings/abs quota types

      a)Change the validity start as accrual date or transfer date; end date = start date + 3m.

      b)For deduction period, similarly change as per business requirements.

  • Dear Mr. Daghdar,

    This article was very useful for me in our system customizing.

    thank you so much for its development. 🙂

    Here I want to share my experience:

    If we are using the integration between PT and PY systems,

    we have to generate these tow Programs also, otherwise Payroll won't be calculated right!

    - SAPMP52X(PA03)

    - RPCALX0

    I had not generated these programs, therefor when payroll calculation, Data of cluster B2 couldn't enter in payroll calculation process, After generation those, my issue has been resolved!

    Data of cluster B2 doesn't import in payroll calculation process

    Best Regards,


    • You know SAP HCM is a bit technical module specially in PT and PY and sometime it takes you realize something or even face it. Anyway, hope your issue has been fixed now 🙂

  • Hi Omid,

    I have a similar requirement to be met (Time evaluation period - 16th to 15th). I will follow this process and check. Thanks for the inputs.

    However can you please let me know whether the period parameter entered in the table TRMAC is country specific or will it be applicable to all?

    I want it to be country specific or rather payroll area specific.

    Thank you.