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Production Order Closure of Previous Period

Hi all,

We see many threads on production order closure of previous period, which means in many organization which implemented SAP for quite a few years back say 5 years or more, and people from production or finance have not done order closures. What it means to SAP? We have many production orders in the system which are in active status. These orders are sitting in our database, which are filling space of the database.

All these data are have to be archived after few years of intervals, say for every 5 years or 3 years. When you start doing it for production orders, status of orders should be either closed or deletion flag active status. So we face challenges with these orders which are not closed in SAP.

Imagine we have to close these orders before archiving, to do that it will be herculean task.

Below are few reasons which are challenging this task

1. Balance of production order is not zero – reason for this being order is not settled in previous years and not set to close

2. Incorrect goods movement – goods movements in the order are not posted properly, COGI entries deleted etc

3. Incorrect actual costs – activity types not properly updated in posting period, std cost not updated etc

4. Unprocessed future change records


SAP has provided notes on such issues with very good explanations, i have listed few of it below, but we have many more in this respect from SAP also

SAP Note 140672 – Info: Settle/reverse costs from previous periods

SAP Note 487683 – CO688 for ‘complete technically’ or set deletion flag

SAP Note 540834 – FAQ: Order archiving (PP_ORDER and PR_ORDER)

I faced this challenge when working with my client, and able to close few of orders with standard method and procedures defined in OSS notes. For some of order i took help from SAP with program corrections with client approval. So i felt this could be good input to people who are facing this challenge with client or may have this challenge in future.

Best regards,

Sharat Sugur

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