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Links in PDF

One of the first things I noticed when I started working with InterActiveForms is the lack of a Link element (like LinkToAction in webDynpro).

Here’s suggestion of  awork around:

1) Place a button element where the link is supposed to be

2) In the Border palet change the ‘Style’ property to ‘None’, that will make the the button with no collor in the backround.

3) In the ‘Font’ palet change the ‘Font collor’ to light blue (press the icon with the letter ‘A’ and choose your collor).

4) Again in the ‘Font’ pallet press the ‘underLine’ icon (a icon with a capital ‘U’).

Now the button looks like a link and in the ‘click’ event you can write any code for showing the destination of the link (e.g.:““)) .

Now lets go one step forwerd: A lot of times links need to have dynamic text…

For doing this in the layout:ready event of the link (button) write this code (with formCalc only):

$.caption.value.#text = “Any text” (usually it won’t be a string but a value from the dataSource).

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    • As far as I know there isn't,

      the closest thing I know is a ui element called 'HTTP Submit Button' that doesn't look like a usual link but like a regular button, and the url is hardcoded in and not dynamic, and the worst thing is that the 'click' event is not modifiable.

      (I've got designer 9.0)

        • Dear Jun

          I'm sorry but my designer (9.0) has no "launch URL" element.

          I looked at another computer with designer 8.2 and there I found that "launch URL" element - after checking it out a little my conclusion is that it is a sap extension and a workaround as well and it isn't comfortable to use for some reasons.

          I don't no why it doesn't apear in my designer and I still prefer my workaround

          Thank you for educating me


  • Hi,

    I have added a hyperlink on the body page with dynamic link. The value of link passed from XML schema.

    the Link works perfectly fine if I place it on the body page but fails when placed on Master page.

    I am using LaunchURL with field binding. Any idea why the Link value is not getting passed on the master page. How to access the value of field in Master page?

    I also tried $.caption.value.#text = "Any text".. Can you please tell me what should be the value of "Any Text"

    Thanks in advance.