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Masthead Customization in NW 7.31

Masthead Customization in NW 7.31

1) Download or from Location:


2) Import the war file to nwds. If you are having .tar file ,you can locate war file inside the .tar


3) Rename the imported war file to So that you can easily locate the custom masthead war file you have changed.


4) Delete the value from portalapp.xml in WebContent/WEB-INF. So that it will list in portal application in content administration for creating masthead iview.



5) Do required change in HeaderiView.jsp or light_HeaderiView.jsp accordingly


6) After completing the development export the as war file.




7) Open deployment perspective in NWDS and import the exported war file and start deployment





8) You can locate the deployed custom masthead in content administration/portal content management/portal application


Copy and paste the iview in to portal content to create masthead iview. Then you can add the new masthead iview into framework page.

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