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Ghost systems within STMS

I’m currently taking part in setting up a CTS+ configuration and linking various domains to the production Solution Manager, which is fairly easy and straight forward to accomplish; we also have a requirement to try and retain the currently running domains (hence the domain links).

A co-worker decided to then reset TMS on the non-SolMan system, without first removing the domain link…well at this point TMS decided that the system was now an external domain, and part of an external domain setup is that you have no rights to display/change/delete the system.  Great now we have a system in our overview list, that is just going to take up space; and some of you might be thinking at this point, no big deal reset TMS on SolMan and start over…unfortunately this isn’t an option as it would of caused problems setting it back up due to various snotes from the SP05 days, SPAM/SAINT updates, etc etc.

Also keep in mind that this could happen again in the future after having deploying domain links to all the various domains; as most can confirm informing your functional teams that they can’t create/modify/release transports…well frankly speaking it would be easier to increase the speed of light, rather then put up with their functional teams.   

Now back to the issue at hand, here is what my system overview looked like with the problem:


(I had to edit this by hand as I didn’t grab a screenshot of the issue, the grey square will actually be a grey diamond)

Ok great, this has happened to me, I google’ed until my fingers bleed, what is the fix!?

Time to bring on the SQL foo, there are two tables of interest for this:



For table ‘TMSCSYS’ the following fields are noteworthy:   DOMNAM, SYSNAM, CICFG, TMSCFG, MODUSR, SYSTYP  I referenced the other entries and changed how the domain/system was viewed by TMS.

For table ‘TMSCSYST‘ the following fields are noteworth:   DOMNAM, SYSNAM, SPRAS  I again referenced the other entries and changed how the domain/system was viewed by TMS.

At this point when you open tx STMS back up you will see an inconsistency error, which is to be expected as changes were made directly.  Now looking back in on the System Overview page, the ghost system can now be deleted and the list cleaned up; redistribute the configuration to the other systems.

Now it is probably possible to delete the entries for the bogus system, but it took most of the day just to find a way to resolve it in this method; there could be other entries in the database that reference the ghost system.  I also noticed that in table ‘TMSCSYST’ there is still a reference to the EXTDOM system still, which I will probably remove in a few days.

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Feel free to review/rate some of my other doco

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