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I saw a post by someone asking, whether MII projects can be transported using CTS+ or not. So, thought of trying it out.

We will start with brief introduction.

MII 14.0 and further releases support transportation of configuration files from one MII instance to another using CTS+.

MII does not officially support transportation of MII projects using CTS+.

I had also uploaded a document earlier mentioning all the steps required for transporting MII configurations from one MII instance to another using CTS+.

Have a look at it before reading this blog.

Using CTS+ with MII 14.0

When we use NWDI in MII for creating shared projects, an sda could be created for these projects.

So if you have an sda of projects, then you could transport it using CTS+.

This is what I did.

Prerequisites: 2 MII systems are configured for transporting MII configurations. You can find necessary steps for this in the aforementioned document.

Step 1:

Go to the Configurations screen of MII and choose CTS+ as the transport mechanism.

This will fetch a transport request for you from CTS+.

Also You would find a link “Transport Request” on the screen. Click the link and this would open a transport organizer UI popup.


Step 2:

In the transport organizer pop-up, select your transport request and attach the sda containing MII projects to the transport request using the “Object List”

tab. For attaching the object, first bring the transport request in “change” mode using the “Display<>Change” button. Also save the request after attaching the sda using the “Save Changes” button.


Release the transport request by using the “Release Selected Item” button.

If you  want to transport the configurations also with the request, then don’t release the transport request. Come back to the MII configuration screen after           saving the transport request and choose the configurations in the Configurations screen and then export the files using the export button in the           Configurations screen.

Step 3:

Now the process is same as importing the configurations. Go to the CTS+ system and import the request from the import queue of the MII system into which you want to import the configurations and project. You can find the steps for this in the above mentioned document.

After import, the project would be deployed on the MII system and all the contents of the projects would be in read only mode as happens with other deployed projects.

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    1. Former Member

      Hi Josh,

      CTS+ support for transportation of configurations is only present in 14.0 release of MII.

      But this work around should work in MII 12.2 also if somehow you could attach the MII project sda to a transport request and then send the transport request to the MII system.

      My guess is that MII will handle the import part.

      But again this needed to be tested.


      Rohit Negi.

    2. Former Member

      This will also work on MII 12.2. However to have the sda file you will need NWDI and get the SDA from CBS system. Safer to use CMS for transports if you already have that as CTS+ will require some more configurations.

  1. Former Member

    Hi Rohit,

    thanks for your interesting blog.

    I have a question. You said that it’s possible to create a SDA file for a new shared project:

    “When we use NWDI in MII for creating shared projects, an sda could be created for these projects. “

    How and where can this be done?

    Thanks in advance.



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