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BPC 10 NW Long processing time – Dimension members

Business scenario:

After maintaining dimension members and pressing the “SAVE AND PROCESS” button the system displays the “Saving the members…” progress bar which does not freeze and seems active but the process does not end. Processing can continue for half and hour or longer. How can you confirm that the session is active?

BPC Dim proc 01.png


1. In a BW session run transaction code SM37 or use the menu SYSTEM –> SERVICES –> JOBS –> JOB OVERVIEW.

2. Select ACTIVE jobs to see if your dimension processing job is still running.

3. BPC will start one or more jobs, depending on what it is processing from the front-end, on your user ID and should display as ACTIVE in the job list if it is still running.

BPC Dim proc 02.png

4. One reason that an ACTIVE job may take more than a few seconds to process is that the BW server might have run out of RAM and then starts to compensate by performing memory SWAPS which are extremely time consuming. The process does not fail but can lead to excessive runtimes. The effect is often that instead of stopping the job and fixing the problem users will terminate the front-end and retry front-end processing which compounds the problem.

Use transaction code ST02 to check if there is a problem with the memory and if excessive memory swapping is occuring. Issues will be highlighted in red.

BPC Dim proc 03.png

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